Our employees rely on various types of equipment to bring food to your table and having the best equipment available for our employees is always a priority.  Senior Corporate Fleet Director, Jim Pinder, is constantly researching the latest trends and designs and isn’t afraid to embrace new technologies to help our team. Providing the right tools for our employees allows them to be efficient, stay safe and provide great service to our customers as a company. This past Spring, Erb began a Pilot Project to test a lighter roll-up rear door  option for straight trucks . Rear doors can be quite heavy and on average weigh a couple hundred pounds, overtime they absorb water and rust, becoming even heavier. Opening and closing these doors can be a strain on drivers and dock workers and may especially be an issue for employees who have been injured. Erb acquired a couple new doors from McLaren Doors, a company here in Ontario that specializes in manufacturing PVC roll-up overhead truck doors. Their doors are lightweight, weighing approximately 100lbs - 150lbs less than traditional doors, and are designed more ergonomically minded, enhancing employee safety. Doors are engineered to reduce water absorption and rust, so they remain light for their entire lifetime. “McLaren Doors are a good option in the after-market, we’re not seeing it as an option from the manufacturer at this time.” Says Senior Corporate Fleet Director, Jim Pinder. “We are relying on drivers for their feedback and longevity of the equipment. We are anticipating they will be quite good because of the structural enhancements they’ve made these days.” Along with being lighter, McLaren Doors offer many other benefits. They protect the cargo from any debris and are made with 94% eco foam insulation, making them more sustainable for the environment. “Unlike other traditional doors in the market, our doors are designed for today’s environment to help fleets address today's trucking issues such as maintenance costs, corrosion issues, reducing emissions, employee safety and protecting against water damaged cargo.” says Melanie Bell, Director of Business Development at McLaren Doors. Erb will be closely monitoring the performance of McLaren Doors and the feedback of the drivers who have been using this equipment. Currently the Pilot Doors are being used out of our Baden and Trenton terminals. We are proud to participate in many new initiatives within our industry and are looking forward to sharing the results of this Pilot Program. For more information on McLaren Doors click here.
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