Refrigerated Transport Services

With over 60 years of experience and a vast terminal network, The Erb Group is your one-stop solution for refrigerated transport services. Our full suite of services is dedicated to ensuring the safe, on-time transportation of temperature-controlled and time-sensitive food throughout North America.

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Close proximity: 10 terminals and additional sub-terminals across North America.

Flexible: Extensive network and large fleet allow for efficiencies, expedited service, and last-minute changes or reroutes.

Professional: Well-trained drivers with experience in customs procedures to ensure quick border clearance.

Responsible: Highly trained operations personnel follow shipment from the original booking to final delivery.

Technologically advanced: We serve you with a full complement of technologies, including EDI, satellite tracking, client portal and 3PL shipping portals.

Cutting-edge: Latest and well-maintained equipment to help you represent your brand and uncompromising standards.

We needed one partner to do it all. The Erb Group became a one-stop-shop solution and is managing our Canadian and cross-border LTL and FTL shipments and Canadian B2C order fulfillment.

Good Food For Good

Our company started shipping to our first warehouse distribution center in 2017. We were new to the entire process, and we needed to ensure that all compliance requirements set forth by the destination warehouse would be met. The Erb Group set our minds at ease with their knowledge and experience in delivering LTL and FTL shipments to warehouse distribution centers.


From day one, The Erb Group has always found a way to help us out, especially with the uncommon freight requests we have had in the past two years.

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