Trucking is multi-generational

The trucking sector sees multiple generations from a single-family pass through a company, building a legacy of their own. Specifically, at The Erb Group of Companies, you’ll see multiple family members working across our terminal network. At our Baden terminal, Brianna and her dad Jeff are an example of a multi-generational trucking family. Jeff started working at Erb in 2003 and has been with the company for 19 years as an owner-operator cross-border driver. Once his oldest, Hailey, was ready to jump into her first job, he recommended that she start at Erb doing part-time work. Hailey worked for a few years as a Weekend Prior Notice Clerk. In 2015, Hailey was ready for her next chapter, which was moving away for college. To replace Hailey, Jeff suggested his youngest daughter, Brianna. Brianna started working for the company in 2015 and is still working with us today on a part-time basis. The 23-year-old works full-time for a daycare in Baden during the week. “It was my first full-time job, and the team has continued to be so accommodating as I balance my ECE work with my weekend hours.” Brianna is responsible for setting up customs paperwork for LTL drivers, making sure they have entry numbers to ensure drivers have a smooth cross-border experience. While Brianna is in the office, her dad is out on the road. “My dad is normally gone two to three nights a week. Since he’s been with Erb for quite some time, he can pick and choose his routes. I think he likes being on the road but only goes as far as Michigan.” Trucking doesn’t stop with Jeff and his two daughters. Brianna also has one uncle working as a truck driver and another working as a mechanic technician at other trucking companies. Fond trucking memories The O’Neill family has many fond memories throughout the years. Brianna recalls, “When I was younger, I wanted to be a truck driver. I used to play with his diecast trucks, but not the fancy ones. Dad wouldn’t let me touch those! I also used to play the virtual transport truck simulators.” “I remember vividly going on trips with him and sleeping in the bunk. Sometimes the terrain wasn’t the most pleasant, but it was still fun that I got to spend time with him.” She continues, “when you have a dad as a truck driver, you understand that he may not always be home. But when he was home, you have vivid memories of those times. I remember him at my soccer games and dance recitals.” Jeff explains, “I’ve always had my girls’ names on my truck since 1999. It’s something most truckers do. Keep our family members close to us even if they aren’t. Every time I buy a different truck or get a paint job, I include their name decals.” Community-driven The Erb Group of Companies has 1,500 employees across its terminal network. Brianna describes Erb as a big company with a small town feel and culture. “Even Vernon’s passing hit home for us, but especially for my dad. He was so accommodating to my dad over the years. We attended the convoy for Vernon at their family home. He was such a positive light at the company. I still remember Vernon coming in on Saturday’s ahead of going to the farm. He had a calming presence, especially on the days that were really busy.” Attracting the next generation As a Gen Z in the transportation industry, Brianna shared her insights on how trucking companies can better attract the next generation. She explains, “I think the trucking industry needs more attention and recognition. When people think of a truck driver, they always think it’s long periods away from home. But there are so many drivers that just operate within Ontario. These drivers are equally as important to someone who drives the distance to California. You can still be a truck driver and make it home at night and raise a family. The stereotype is that you are never home, but you can be.” Do you have a family member who may be interested in the trucking industry? Tag them below in the comments or hit the share button! If you are looking for a company that supports building a legacy for your family, we would love to talk to you, please connect with our recruitment department at For more information on our evolving trucking industry visit   [caption id="attachment_1905" align="alignleft" width="350"] Halloween at the O'Neill house[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1903" align="alignleft" width="359"] Jeff and his two daughters[/caption]
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