The Summer 2021 edition of The Erban Report Newsletter is now available online! As a company that has drivers on the road and terminals spread throughout the country, The Erban Report is great way to bring our employees, regardless of location, together. To read this issue click here.


Mike Erb

Hello Erb Group,
While I do not believe I am directly related to your family, I am frequently asked whether I am by people who see your trucks on the road, and I myself have seen them many times! Coincidentally my oldest son Conor is a driver for Sysco Foods here in the US and we live in northern Wisconsin. God willing we will get back to fishing walleyes at Halley’s Camps north of Minaki, ON next summer. Stay safe and best regards from a south of the border “cousin”.

    Alexandra Salmeron

    Hi Mike Erb,

    Thank you for your well wishes! If you are ever near one of our terminals, be sure to stop by and say “hi” to your cousins north of the border! All the best and stay safe!

Joanna Taylor

This is a positive comment about the thoughtful, courteous Erb drivers who travel through Drumbo, Ontario. Based on my experience, Erb Transport drivers take their responsibilities very seriously including being mindful of the speed limit. I live on a busy route at the edge of town, and whereas many other trucking companies ignore the 50 km speed limit, I notice the care with which Erb employees slow down. I walk almost daily and sometimes wave to show my appreciation. My father used to say that respectful employees reflect the organization’s leadership. I was taken with the the following comment, in your company’s newsletter: “Through our day-to-day actions, we can make a difference with our family, friends, co-workers, customers, the travelling public and anyone we encounter.” In a world, where sadly, disprespect is so prevalent, I enjoy a feeling of positivity when an Erb truck passes by. Thank you for all your efforts to show respect for the lives of others and their safety.

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