Day in the life of a 310T Truck Technician Apprentice


Dec 16 2021

· 2 min
Day in the life of a 310T Truck Technician Apprentice

Jordan Amstein started his apprenticeship with The Erb Group of Companies in September 2021. We sat down with Jordan at our Sandhills terminal to learn more about his professional growth in the last three months as a 310T Truck Technician Apprentice.

“I originally started a plumbing job as part of my co-op in high school. But I realized it wasn’t for me and started exploring mechanic roles. As a kid, I always worked on fixing our family’s snowmobiles and trucks for fun.”

Making Another Cool Move

We may be a large company, but we have not forgotten where we started, or that our greatest asset is our people. Jordan explains, “I chose to work for a bigger company as there are more opportunities to learn. I also can work alongside other apprentices, which is nice to talk through tasks with someone who is at the same level as me.”

A typical morning for Jordan starts out with performing various services and inspections. No day is the same as a mechanic. “I learned how to pull a transmission, change breaks and fabrication. A fabrication job requires using specialized equipment, such as metal welding or soldering tools to assemble a product.”

Career Growth at Erb

“There is a licensed technician in our shop; his name is Justin, and he’s always good person to go to for advice.” Jordan reflected on his role and offered advice to anyone interested in being a mechanic. He explains, “to be a mechanic, you need to have a strong work ethic. There is also a lot of physical labour, so you need to be okay with getting dirty.”

Jordan has made great strides as an apprentice at Erb. He comments, “I have become very organized in this job. It’s important for us to keep our workplace clean and tidy, or else we risk a hazard at work. Being here has instilled top quality safety protocols in my day-to-day job.”

Take a tour of Jordan’s toolbox at our Sandhills terminal below.

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