Sun Safety Tips for Drivers


Jul 6 2022

· 2 min
Sun Safety Tips for Drivers

As a driver, the sun is not your first concern before you head on the road; however, it’s almost always beaming down on you and your fleet. The sun is the most vital star in our solar system; it’s essential to the growth, nourishment, and warmth of all living things, including ourselves. Although it has many benefits, it also has significant risks. The Erb Group prioritizes the knowledge and safety of its employees, even if it’s from the sun. By taking the conscious steps to protect yourself from the intense UV rays, you can save your eyes and skin while making cool moves in the truck you’re in. We’ve searched for the three best sun safety tips for a smooth delivery during the summer months!

SPF Protection

Day after day of deliveries, the left side of your face is often getting the most obstructed by the sun; if you don’t begin to feel it, you begin to see the effects of long-term sun exposure. A study from the New England Journal of Medicine explains how a man who had been a delivery truck driver for 28 years and used minimal sun protection had significant sun damage on one side of his face.

In other words, when ultraviolet rays transmit through window glass, it penetrates the epidermis and upper layers of skin. Chronic UVA exposure can result in thickening of the epidermis and stratum corneum, which destroys elastic fibres in the skin. These rays have also been shown to induce substantial DNA mutations and direct toxicity, leading to the formation of skin cancer. The image accompanying the study is possibly the most persuasive message to take sunscreen or SPF moisturizers more seriously, even if you think the shade of your vehicle protects you.

Sun Dangers While Driving

If you have ever driven toward the sun, you know that it can be a blinding experience. According to a 2017 life-threatening motor vehicle study relating to the sun, bright sunlight may create visual illusions; as a result, the risk of a life-threatening crash is 16% higher during bright sunlight than in typical weather. Using your visor, having conversations about tinted windows, and practicing defensive driving can save you the stress the sun can cause.

Eye Protection

In addition to being unable to see during the effects of driving into UV rays, eye protection is essential. Eye health is often ignored but should become a priority to create a more seamless driving experience and less harm for you in the future. Drivers need their eyes every day to be able to control their trucks and manage traffic. Some of the most efficient ways to start being cautious include: 

  • Purchasing polarized sunglasses.
  • Regular checkups at the eye doctor. 
  • Never look directly at the sun. Doing so can damage the eye’s retina and cause a severe injury known as solar retinopathy.

What better way to kick-off the summer than with a new pair of sunglasses. Did you know MyGroupHealth members has access to an exclusive discount with eyewear brand, Bailey Nelson? Our employees also have access to healthcare coverage related to vision. Checkout your MyGroupHealth app for more information. As reputable leaders in the trucking industry, we believe our employees deserve quality health resources to help them continue making cool moves.