A Truck Driver’s Journey from Brazil to Canada


Jul 19 2022

· 3 min
A Truck Driver’s Journey from Brazil to Canada

Rafael Sobreiro is an International Cross Border Truck Driver based out of our Winnipeg Terminal who’s been part of the fleet family at The Erb Group for over three years. Initially, Rafael migrated from Brazil to Canada in 2013; he worked a hotel job, despite his deep interest in a trucking career. Rafael worked in the hospitality field for three years until he could save enough money to invest in the licensing and education to start his career in trucking. However, once he pursued his passion, he never looked back. According to Wheels AZ, the estimated cost of starting the truck licensing process ranges from $5,000 – $15,000 CAD, dependent on the desired class of license. 

Heading north on the highway from his hotel job, Rafael would often spot our bold branding and well-maintained trucks as he drove home. “There’s no way you’re going down the highway without seeing an Erb truck,” he said. Rafael knew The Erb Group would be the company he applied to, and with his first attempt, he achieved his dream of becoming part of the transportation industry.

Career Pathways

Walking into his first interview with Driver Services Manager, Scott Misner, Rafael didn’t know what to expect. After a good conversation with Scott, he walked out a few hours later with a new job and someone to look up to at the company. Upon joining The Erb Group, Rafael was in the process of renewing his work visa to become a permanent resident of Canada, “Scott could have said no, and he took the chance on me. I am extremely grateful because now I have been able to obtain my own home and support my family,” Rafael explained.

One of Rafael’s proudest accomplishments with us was being asked to become a driver coach, although he had initially refused the offer. Rafael was grateful he was given the opportunity to become a mentor being so young at the company. As an In-cab Coach, he helps drivers enter our workforce with a few days of training on our processes before going out on their own. These new drivers are separate from our entry-level driver training program. Rafael greeted coaching with great responsibility and devotion, “I decided to become a coach to give back – as someone did for me and all I’ve been able to achieve so far in my life since joining Erb. I wanted to pay it forward. It was my way of saying thank you.”

Trucking and Teamwork

As a family man on the move, Rafael purchased a house in a new province and instantly knew he didn’t want to leave The Erb Group because of his love for the company and the support of his family and colleagues. He was also afraid of losing his dispatchers because of their genuine connection and teamwork while on route. Rafael made a seamless transition from the Toronto Terminal to our Winnipeg Terminal. He was able to keep the same dispatch team Krista, and Adrien.

Living 45 minutes from the Winnipeg Terminal and having a flexible schedule, Rafael appreciates his job even more because of its work-life balance. It allows him, his wife and his daughter Ella to drive to the truck stop together before he returns for his shift at the end of the week. 

For anyone thinking of entering the industry, Rafael thinks that trucking is open to anyone willing to try it. With a committed mindset and the ability to understand the rules and expectations of the road, you will find success. Rafael adds, “Any industry has the good, the bad and the worst, but I can guarantee, at Erb, we are one of the good ones.”

Interested in driving for the Erb Group of Companies? Check out our updated job postings here. Please note that we request one year of driving experience; however, once you have reached the 10–12-month mark, we encourage you to contact our recruiting team to start learning about the application process. Email us at recuriting@erbgroup.com when you are ready to make some cool moves!