Maintain Your Mental Health on the Road


Jun 15 2022

· 2 min
Maintain Your Mental Health on the Road

Mental health in the workplace is important, specifically for individuals in the trucking industry. According to the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, in 2022, on any given week, over 500,000 Canadians will be unable to go to work due to mental health issues. With the high demand and weight our driver’s carry, we want to support our team the best that we can. We’ve researched the three easiest ways to refuel your mind, body, and soul when times get tough on the road to encourage a safe and healthy trip home.


Truck drivers are commonly known for their grit and dedication to getting the job done; however, their tough exterior doesn’t keep them from the stresses of life at home or on the road. In fact, health, psychological, and sleep issues — which are commonly linked to depression — are often underreported in the trucking industry. Maintaining a restful sleep schedule, consuming nutritious foods, and maintaining emotional connections while on route can positively contribute to your mental and physical wellness. That is why we ensure all our drivers have the mental health resources required to live a healthy lifestyle between points A and B.


Whether you’re a trucker or dispatch member, it is essential to sit down at the end of a long shift and restore your energy to take on the next day. Truckers experience many different stressful situations on the road that require time and care to get back, keep, or improve their abilities needed for daily life. Being in an accident—or even seeing one—can cause enough stress and anxiety to become a diagnosable mental illness, like acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Prioritizing mental health and assessing your needs is important as an employee and a person. Whether you have a long drive or intense traffic encounter, everyone has different ways to soothe their stress. 

  • Listen to an upbeat playlist or podcast
  • Call a friend or family member
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation 


Tapping into your fitness is one of the best ways to target feelings of anxiety and depression. But finding a place and time to stay fit outside of the truck can be challenging. Studies have proven that companies who prioritize their driver’s well-being see fewer drivers suffering from highway fatigue. To support our drivers, The Erb Group has partnered with Conestoga College students to create a set of personal exercises targeted at the various job types we offer. Employees have access to these resources on Erb Connect. In addition, to exercise your mental health, we also offer Virtual Health Care Solutions that employees can access at any location with a Wi-Fi connection. 

How Can We Help?

All our employees have access to mental health benefits and initiatives like the Highway to Health program and Not Myself Today mental health campaign resources. Our goal is to encourage a more inclusive work environment, reduce mental health stigma, and show our employees we care. No matter where you are or who you are, your well-being and peace of mind matter, please seek out help if you are in need. If you’re a current employee, check out our resources on Erb Connect today or reach out to Human Resources to learn more about our mental health support services and what you can do to feel your best.