It’s officially summer, and here in Ontario we have already experienced several days of temperatures in the mid thirties. The air is warm and breezy and the sun is high in the sky. Although everything in the world still feels strange and unaccustomed, the sounds of summer makes it feel a little bit more normal and familiar. Being one of the largest refrigerated trucking companies in North America, many customers rely on Erb to keep their loads at the proper temperature while being transported during these hot summer months. We are constantly looking for new technology to efficiently cool our trailers and ensure we maintain the correct temperature during the entire ride. All of Erb’s refrigerated trailers and new straight trucks are equipped with reefer units with OrbComm’s industry leading PT6000 temperature control and tracking telematics. The PT 6000 offers fuel and temperature management, logistics and regulatory compliance all in one. Together with the CargoWatch application and integrated sensors, we are able to monitor your shipment it's entire journey, ensuring temperature integrity throughout. Two-way communication and tracking via cellular connectivity allows Erb to remotely set and adjust reefer temperature, reefer state, initiate a defrost, and more. We can also receive real-time alerts for conditions such as an active reefer turning off, when cargo area temperature deviates from set points, rapid fuel loss, geofencing concerns and more. A detailed report of reefer status and trailer locations can be generated at any time. When it comes to keeping the load at the proper temperature, whether you are shipping in the heat of summer, or the freeze of winter, we’ve got complete control and visibility during the entire shipping process. When your business depends on the timely, protected distribution, you can depend on us at Erb. The next time you enjoy a delicious burger on the barbecue or your favourite ice cream during an afternoon picnic on the beach, remember it may have been a cool move made by Erb Transport. Enjoy, and Happy Summer!  If you are looking for on-time service at the perfect temperature contact one of our professional account managers: sales@erbgroup.com
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