Jul 29 2020

· 2 min

The long weekend is almost here, and many people are planning to head out of town to get away for a few nights. Although the destination can be beautiful and well worth the drive, sometimes the drive can be the toughest part. Being a transportation company, we are no strangers to long road trips! Many of our drivers have found ways to fill the time, including listening to their favourite music, audio books or podcasts.

Although road trips can be relaxing and fun for adults, sometimes kids can get restless and bored. Before they say, “Are we there yet?” try some of these fun activities to fill the time:

  • Count the Erb Trucks! This should be an obvious one. Our trucks are shiny and red and travel across Canada and throughout the U.S. Write down where and when you see them, and tell us how many you find!
  • I Spy – This is a childhood classic for everyone and there are a couple of ways to play this game. One person selects an item and says, “I spy, something that is green.” Or you could say, “I spy, something that starts with the letter A,” etc., and the others try to guess the object.
  • Scavenger Hunt – You can plan ahead and make a list of different items that your kids can find while on the road or just think of things on the way for them to look for. You can also google “Road Trip Printables” and the kids can try to find the items on the page.
  • Hit the Books – Head to the library or bookstore before hitting the road and pick out a couple new books to read! If your children are younger, there are plenty of colouring books, spot the difference or other activity books available.
  • Sticker Time – Bring some stickers and a sticker book for the ride. Buy some vacation or travel themed stickers and add them one at a time to your book once you spot the items.
  • Follow the Map – Remember paper maps? They still exist! You can map out your route on a paper map or use Google Maps and print it for your child to follow along in the backseat. Point out landmarks or special spots to you and your family.
  • Travel Games – There are many board games now available in travel editions. Sorry!, Chutes and Ladders or Yahtzee are some top games to try out in travel size. Check your local toy store or online to find your favourite.
  • The Licence Plate Game – This game can last a few minutes or the whole trip depending on how long you want to play. Be on the hunt for licence plates from different provinces, states or countries. Whoever finds the most wins! You can also play as a team and try to find a certain amount.

No matter where you are going, turn the drive into part of the fun and create some memories along the way to your destination. Have a great fun-filled long weekend and travel safe!

Do you have a game you and your family like to play while on a road trip? Let us know in the comments!