The Erban Report is now available online! This is a special issue paying tribute to our founder Mr. Vernon Erb. It includes many fond memories shared by friends of the family, Erb employees and our executive team as well as photos from the early days of Vernon’s career in trucking and Erb Transport. He will be greatly missed and his legacy will continue to live on. Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this issue so special. To read this edition click here.

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Stu Steckle Zurich

Vernon is a man we all will miss. I got to know him better in the later years through the Blue Water Rest Home Christmas dinners. Ruth Ann always made sure he got his second dessert something we talked about at a funeral in Feb. We both had a passion for bulldozers. He having Internationals and me with Caterpillar. He stopped in at the farm one day and had the opportunity to drive my Cat D8. He had qualities above and beyond any one I ever knew. We always had some thing we could talk about. I have also circulated his book and every one has the same comment. A fine respected man.
A pleasure to have known him. Stu Steckle

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