Jul 15 2020

· 2 min

The job of a transport truck driver is no easy task, just ask any driver, but it does have its incentives! Not only is it a great way to make a living, but you can also see some fantastic places along the way. Many drivers chose this profession because they know that the best way to see the country is behind the wheel of a big rig, with each new load taking them on a new adventure. While our drivers are making their way across Canada or the USA delivering essential products to our customers, many are fortunate to see some great views.

With the borders remaining closed to non-essential travel and many still encouraged to stay home, we want to see the world from the view of our drivers! We would love to see some of your best pictures or favourite places while you are out on the road. Bonus points if you include an Erb truck in the photo! You do not have to be a photographer to take a good photo; you just need to take one when you see a good opportunity.

Here are a few tips for taking a good photo:

  • Clean the lens for more clear photos
  • Adjust the exposure for improved brightness levels
  • Use HDR for evenly lit photos with amazing detail
  • Set the focus to ensure your subject is always sharp
  • Shoot in portrait mode to create blurred backgrounds
  • Experiment with different perspectives and angles for more unique pictures

Please send your photos to or send us a private message by Wednesday, July 29 for a chance to win an Erb prize pack! We will feature your photos on our Facebook page throughout the next couple weeks. Tell us where you took the photo and include some of the highlights of your day.  Please always remember to practice safety while taking photos.

There is truly no view comparable to the view out of a truck driver’s front window (especially long haul.) Thank you for making Cool Moves, we cannot wait to see where your next load takes us!

Photo credit: Stephen Smallpiece, Erb Driver taken in 2017