The Erban Report: Winter 2024!

Feb 29 2024

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The Erban Report: Winter 2024!

The 38th winter edition of our employee newsletter, The Erban Report, is here! At the Erb Group, we eagerly await the arrival of our in-house newsletter twice a year. It serves as a vital link, connecting our employees, communities, and the clients we serve. It is a publication that helps us celebrate our achievements, reflect on triumphs, and showcase the journey we’ve embarked on through the season. Stay tuned for a glimpse of stories and snapshots of what inspires and unites us all at The Erb group!

This special edition covers executive and terminal updates, employee benefit programs, events, and special days. Additionally, dive into our corporate history as we anticipate our upcoming 65th anniversary of cold chain excellence!

View The Erban Report online: click here.

Would you like to be part of The Erban Report? Send your photo submission to for a chance to appear on the cover or to be included in the next Issue!

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