Vernon Erb, founder and former CEO of Erb Transport, will be inducted into the Waterloo Region Entrepreneur Hall of Fame this November. The Hall of Fame celebrates local business founders who have made a “positive, lasting impact on our community”. The event is hosted by Junior Achievement Waterloo Region and will be held at the Bingemans conference center in Kitchener ON, November 1, 2018.

Vernon Erb founded Erb Transport in 1959, and built his company by seamlessly uniting great people with even better service.  Vernon’s son, Wendell Erb, is now acting CEO of Erb Transport. Other members of Vernon’s family are also heavily involved in the day-to-day operations, including his grandchildren, who have now become the third generation of Erb’s to contribute. This company is the true embodiment of a family owned and operated business.

Erb Transport has consistently prioritized corporate social responsibility, and this original commitment has transformed into an unwavering pillar of strength over the last 59 years. Whether it is donating time, money, or resources, the communities surrounding the various Erb terminals have felt the impact of his generosity time and time again. In 2003, Vernon was even honored in the Waterloo Region Hall of Fame at the Waterloo Region Museum, which recognizes individuals and groups for their significant contributions to the community.

After almost six decades of hard work and dedication, Vernon has proved to be an extremely deserving candidate for this, and any other, award. He is a symbol of strength, perseverance, and excellence for the entire Erb community. Many employees at Erb Transport could easily share a story or memory involving Vernon; whether it’s his down-to-earth persona or unwavering commitment to his employees, he always makes an impact wherever he goes. Many people would say he inspires excellence out of everyone he works with.

On behalf of the entire Erb Community, we congratulate Vernon on his many years of success and on this special honor of being inducted into the Waterloo Region Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.

To learn more about Vernon’s journey to success, visit:


Andy Koopman

Congratulations Vernon!
Having worked for Erb Transport for40 years I have always had great respect for you..
Well done and well deserved.

Don Mote

Congratulations Vernon.This is a very well deserved honor for you. Perseverance. Hard work and a strong work ethic..Thank You.

Kevin Furlotte

Special news!

I don’t have to much time inbetween thoughts of how great it is to work for this family and the hard work, dedication and sacrifices they’ve made over the years, more so in the beginning years.
One mans vision that help make thousands of people’s dreams come true…
I am so grateful Mr Erb
Thank you

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