Erb Transport Celebrates 65 Years of Cold Chain Excellence

Jun 25 2024

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Erb Transport Celebrates 65 Years of Cold Chain Excellence

New Hamburg, ON – June 26, 2024— This June, The Erb Group will proudly celebrate 65 years of excellence in cold chain transportation and logistics solutions.

Founded in 1959 by the visionary Vernon Erb, the Canadian-operated company has created a cool impact in an essential industry for over six decades. In June 2011, Vernon passed the reins to his son, Wendell Erb, who became President and CEO, carrying the family legacy and passion for trucking with him. Under Wendell’s leadership, Erb Transport has embraced modern best practices, evolving into a full-service, one-stop solution for refrigerated logistics across North America.

Vernon and Viola Erb, founder and co-founder of Erb Transport.

After 65 years, The Erb Group is proud to keep a strong family culture with a genuine and supportive bond that spreads across their terminal network, just as the Erb family intended. As trailblazers in cold chain trucking during the 1950s in Canada, The Erb Group flourished with crucial support from local farmers and businesses requiring reliable cold chain solutions.

“Our commitment to supporting our community mirrors the support they’ve given us.” said Wendell Erb, President and CEO.

Their philosophy has always prioritized customer service, satisfaction, and success. They believe that consistently delivering exceptional service not only meets customers’ needs but also uplifts and strengthens the communities they serve while giving back to those who supported them when they were just getting started on their journey.

Extending its dedication to the community, Erb is renowned for its commitment to safety and compliance, consistently achieving numerous awards for setting industry standards. This commitment safeguards the well-being of employees and clients and solidifies Erb’s reputation as a trusted leader in the transportation industry.

Wendell Erb, President and CEO with 2024 Purpose Award.

Beyond safety, Erb has prioritized creating an inclusive work environment over its 65-year journey, fostering an atmosphere where every employee can flourish. This dedication has been recognized by Trucking HR Canada, the Best Fleets to Drive For program, and the Women in Trucking Association.

Recently, the company proudly received the 2024 Purpose Award from the Transportation, Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA), underscoring its ongoing commitment to positively impacting the industry and society at large.

While reflecting on what has led to their 65 years of excellence, Wendell Erb highlighted the company’s greatest strength, “I think it’s driven by the exceptional quality of our people. They’re not just committed and hardworking; they stay engaged and hands-on with every aspect of our operations. The synergy between our dedicated employees, reliable suppliers, and loyal clients has created a fantastic team that fuels our continued excellence, and we’re just getting started!”


About The Erb Group

 Founded in 1959, The Erb Group is one of North America’s largest privately owned refrigerated transportation providers. The Erb Group specializes in the timely, protected distribution of temperature-controlled perishable goods across Canada and the U.S. The Erb Group is a family-owned business, hosting over 1,500 employees, 1000 trailers and 600 power units. Its head office is based in New Hamburg, Ontario, with additional Canadian terminals in Baden, Toronto, Thunder Bay, North Bay, Ottawa, Montreal, Trenton, Winnipeg and a U.S. terminal in Elverson, PA.

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