Condiments Market: Good Food for Good finds a one-stop-shop transportation provider

You may have seen them in the aisle at your local grocery store. Your options for condiments and sauces are endless; however,  Good Food for Good’s mission is to create a positive difference by making it easy for consumers to add flavours they crave without the added sugar or preservatives, and by donating a meal to a person in need through their Buy One, Feed One program. The company is B Corp Certified, meaning it puts purpose at the core of everything it does. Through rigorous annual assessments, Good Food for Good must evaluate not only how they govern themselves but if their suppliers and third-party providers meet high ethical standards too. Flexibility and Scalability In 2021, the company was ranked one of the fastest-moving brands in Canada by the Globe and Mail. With growth plans, and increased demand from Canadian and US retailers, Good Food for Good needed a partner to warehouse products and support order fulfillment for both retailers and consumers. Prashant Dube, Board Member for Good Food for Good explained, “The partnership originated from using Erb’s LTL services and expanded to include Cold Storage services. The Erb team was flexible and helped create a warehousing and fulfillment solution unique to our needs and provided the scale to launch our Indian and Mexican cooking sauces in the US market.” Today, the company utilizes LTL, warehousing and home delivery services. Prashant continues, “We needed one partner to do it all. We’ve seen even through the pandemic, the service level never dropped. It’s been consistent with little to no disruptions. Even in the pandemic, our shipping volumes have increased. Erb became a one-stop-shop solution and is managing our Canadian and cross-border LTL and FTL shipments and Canadian B2C order fulfillment.” Growth Plans The company launched their organic cooking sauce line in the US market and secured a listing at Whole Foods Market in 2021. The Erb Group manages the warehousing and cross border transportation of these sauces. In 2022, Good Food For Good launched the world’s first plant-based Bolognese sauce powered by pumpkin seeds is aiming to make their entire portfolio of organic sauces available at all leading supermarkets across Canada. Prashant adds, “We just launched our Bolognese sauces nationally with Loblaws and Superstore and with several leading Canadian retailers scheduled to launch this innovative line in the coming months.” Barbara Lis, Business Development Manager at The Erb Group, says, “Aligning ourselves with companies that share a similar mission, makes for a partnership that is truly impactful. Making positive impacts in the communities we are a part of is at the core of everything we do. By being Good Food for Good’s carrier of choice, we can help them reach new heights each year we work together.” Learn more about our transportation and logistic solutions by requesting a quote today!
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