Nov 4 2020

· 2 min

It’s no secret, the trucking industry has been affected by the global pandemic, just like everyone else. But don’t let the media scare you about driving cross-border. We spoke with a few of our drivers in a special three-part blog series to gain some insights on their experience driving south of the border. They shared some challenges and opportunities that have presented themselves during this current climate. Some shared that becoming a cross-border driver right now with Erb, is more beneficial than ever; not only is there job security working for an essential service provider but less people are out on the roads.


Navtej – Two Years in Trucking

Navtej began his career in trucking in August 2018 and started training to get his AZ license. He started his professional driving career at Erb in January of 2019. He is a long-haul U.S. driver and takes trips primarily to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, usually out for a week at a time. Erb’s Entry Level Training Program really helped Navtej polish his driving skills and gain confidence while on the road.            

Why Drive Cross-Border for Erb?

When asking Navtej why he likes driving cross-border for Erb he said, “I wanted to see different parts of Canada and the United States. Also, I enjoy driving! I have always been the designated driver for trips with friends and family because I love it. Driving a truck also helped me to save more and work more, and the schedule is very flexible.” As for driving long-haul, Navtej agrees with the other drivers we spoke with that there are more truck stops with more parking and rest areas in the U.S. He says there is an opportunity to make more money doing runs to the states as well because there are more miles. He enjoys the perks of Erb’s FAST Pass, stating drivers do not have to stop at all of the scales for inspection.

Navtej says, “There have been changes due to COVID-19. It’s easier to cross the border because of less traffic and there is less interaction with people which takes the human contact out of it. It’s both good and sad… It’s a lot quicker getting unloaded now because companies want you to leave quicker from their property, but you don’t get to talk to new people.” 

Overall, Navtej says that driving for Erb is a good career for him with lots of opportunity for hours. “Be relaxed on the road, and take your time backing up. Start work with a bigger company because they will have training programs, nicer and well-maintained equipment, more flexibility with shifts, and more loads for different areas. Erb has all of this, they are a trusted employer. There is an opportunity to choose your preferred trip and larger companies also maintain their CVOR.” His advice for others looking to become truck drivers: “Start as a long-haul driver rather than a city driver. The roads are less condensed with less traffic, less tight corners to maneuver which means less risk of an incident, especially as a new and inexperienced driver.”


Are you thinking about making a change in your driving career? Now is the time to make the switch to Erb Transport. We are currently offering a $2000 SIGN-ON BONUS to all cross-border drivers who start before January 1, 2021. Contact one of our recruiters today to find out more about our open positions: or 1-800-461-5299. You can also visit our website for more details about why Erb is the place to be!