Trucker Holiday Gift List


Dec 8 2022

· 3 min
Trucker Holiday Gift List

The weather is getting colder, and the holiday season is fast approaching; if you haven’t started to think about what gifts you’ll give that special trucker in your life, now is the time. Truck driving is a challenging yet rewarding job that comes with many different duties and circumstances that can make finding the perfect gift for your driver difficult. With long hours, limited storage space and living in your truck during long hauls, the right gift can make a significant difference in the day-to-day life of a driver. Whether you are starting your shopping now or later, make your gift-giving experience easier this year with this holiday gift list for truck drivers.

Erb Gear

Spirit wear is at the top of everyone’s gift list this year. The holidays are the perfect time to sport some Erb Gear, support your favourite trucking brand and stay warm! Our Erb hats, mitts and hoodies are the perfect trio to gift to a special someone in our trucking workforce during this season of gratitude and giving. It doesn’t stop there; if you’re looking for a supERB stocking stuffer, our socks have got you covered. Additionally, we offer free shipping for employees directly to your terminal!

Find your Erb Gear Gift needs by clicking here

Electric Lunch box or Mug

Warm your loved one’s meals and heart this holiday. Eating healthy and wholesome foods on the road can be tricky, but a homemade meal will go a long way with the right containers and packaging. Gifting an electric lunch box or heated and insulated mugs can solve the challenge drivers have of sourcing healthy foods or a hot coffee in a pinch and avoid wait times so that they can deliver their load and return home for holidays. To top it off, make a homemade meal to fill it with so that they don’t have to worry about what’s for lunch the next day.

As we trial the Road Warrior Lithium APU batteries in our long-haul trucks, it also makes living life on the road easier for drivers by fueling their needs during their down time.

Subscription to Streaming Services

You know what they say about gift-giving; it’s the thought that counts! Show your gratitude by searching for a hand-picked gift with their specific lifestyle in mind. Travelling for miles at a time can be tiring; gifting your loved one a subscription to any streaming services that include music, movies or audiobooks can help make their trips go by faster or make them feel a little closer to home at the end of the day.

Some of the best streaming services truckers can try include: SpotifyNetflixHulu, and Audible. Streaming services can also help truckers stay up to date on the best new shows or the latest industry news. Do you know about a streaming service we didn’t mention? Let us know what you’re tuning into in the comments!

Custom Gifts

Custom gifts are the best way to express your care and gratitude toward a loved one on the road, on the dock or in the office and turn ordinary gifts into the most meaningful pieces of memorabilia. At the beginning of a shift or the end of a long day, having a piece of home to bring with you for the ride is the best way to have your gift stand out. Some cool ideas for one-of-a-kind gifts are:

Practical gifts are perfect for truckers because they help improve life on the road and showcase the work you went through to let them know you appreciate their dedication to keeping our grocery store shelves stocked and presents under the tree. If you’re reading this and you’re a driver, be sure to reshare this blog with your friends and family so that these gift ideas are added to your list this year.

What other presents would you like to see under the tree this holiday? Let us know in the comments below!

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