May 5 2021

· 2 min

Travis Rose began his career at The Erb of Companies at our Baden terminal in March 2017, after being referred to the company by one of his parent’s friends. Ever since Travis was a kid, he was mechanically inclined and enjoyed hands-on activities. He grew up in Waterford racing dirt bikes, breaking them down and putting them back together again. When he heard of the opportunity to become a 310 J Trailer Technician at Erb, he knew it was a good move for him and said goodbye to his job in construction.

“Erb’s a good place to work, it has a good atmosphere and good people,” says Travis about what it’s like to work at Erb. Travis came on board at Erb as an Apprentice and is now waiting to complete his Journey Person Test to become a fully licensed mechanic. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions and limitations he has had his test cancelled and is waiting to hear when his new test will be scheduled.

Being a 310 J Trailer Technician requires a lot of independent work, which he enjoys. He gets to work at his own pace and keep busy. Every now and then he’ll work with another technician on a big job and he enjoys how the work and days vary. As we’re sure comes as no surprise, Fridays are busier, so he says they prepare and plan for this. 

When asked if there is someone on his team he particularly looked up to, he highlighted Gerry Spachman, Erb’s Baden Trailer Shop Foreman/Supervisor. He said, “Any questions I have, Gerry is always happy to answer. He’s always willing to give you a hand, he’s an overall good guy.” Travis enjoys working with his shop team, and the work culture. New to the trucking industry, Travis was surprised by how big the industry was and yet how small the community felt. He enjoys how connected Erb is to the industry, and how tightly knit it is. 

If you are looking to join an essential industry with a great company, make a change of career, or want to be a part of our award-winning team, then contact one of our recruiters today to find out more about our open positions: recruiting@erbgroup.com or 1-800-461-5299. If you would like to learn more about why Erb is the coolest place to be, then head over to our website! We are currently looking for a wide range of 310 J Trailer and 310 T Truck and Coach Technicians, however we only have a few apprentice openings left, so make sure you reach out to us soon and get started on making another cool move. When asked what he would tell someone considering a mechanical career Travis said, “If you’re a hands-on kind of person, a mechanical career could definitely be right for you!”


* Erb Employees – Earn a lump sum of $2000 when you refer a certified Technician to a full time job. To learn more talk to your supervisor today!