Sep 4 2019

· 2 min

It is not an uncommon thing to see a transport truck driving down the street; it is something we have become accustomed to.  Everything we consume, use and enjoy has at some point been transported by a truck.  Although seeing transport trucks is something we are familiar with, not too many of us are familiar with the history of the Canadian trucking industry.

During World War II there was an influx in the number trucks being manufactured as the need to have trucks to transport goods became relied upon. The transportation of resources, supplies and vehicles was a necessity during the war; the high demand for transported goods created a shortage of drivers. Carriers brought this need to the attention of the federal government, and so, the trucking industry was recognized as an essential contributor to the war efforts. This propelled the industry into the highly recognized commercial transportation industry it is today.

The trucking industry began to flourish more with the expansion of the North American highway systems. Different alliances and regulatory bodies have since been established to ensure the industry remains safe and protected.

The trucking industry has become one of the most fundamental industries in Canadian society. A transport truck’s ability to deliver right to the door of a customer gives it an advantage to any other method of shipping. It is estimated that 70% of manufactured goods moved between Canada and the USA are moved on a truck. We live in a world of fast movement and getting things delivered to your hand from anywhere in the world is possible because of the trucking industry.

This week we are celebrating the 400,000 Canadian truck drivers who keep our freight moving. National Trucking Week is celebrated annually on the first week of September. During this week we recognize the professional drivers,  companies and personnel for their major contribution in our society. These Canadians provide supply chain solutions at expert level of efficiency, so we can all enjoy fresh produce, two day Amazon deliveries, and countless manufactured goods. We thank you all for the work you do to keep our economy and society moving forward.