Driving Your Small Business Needs

Operating a small business can be a thrilling yet overwhelming journey for business owners and transportation executives, especially when seeking new carriers to help ship your fresh and frozen products. When it comes to transportation and logistics, the small details can have a lasting impact on the daily operations of your business and, at the end of the day, the satisfaction of your customers. Selecting a company that can adjust to your organization's requirements and cold chain needs is key to unlocking smooth operations and a strong relationship with your customers while navigating the crowded lanes of today's top refrigerated transportation carriers. Start your Q4 off strong and get into gear with The Erb Group to find a cold chain transportation provider that takes the weight of your load off your back. 

Big Company, Family Culture

Producing meaningful work in the transportation industry and community has been at the heart of our company since 1959, when our founder, Vernon Erb, began his own small business venture with himself and a dump truck. As a company that was built with the support of small businesses around the Waterloo Region and beyond, our commitment to serving and growing with small businesses throughout their journey is fueled by our passion for giving back and helping others reach their business goals, especially valued customers. These relationships help foster the connection to our roots and serve as an inspiration of where we began and the vital role small businesses play in our cool moves. No matter the size of your business, we want to see you succeed!  At The Erb Group, "we offer a high-quality level of service and a stress-free shipment process," said Barbara Lis, our Business Development Manager, while reflecting on what keeps our customers coming back. Additionally, while high-performing technology and equipment are important factors in considering a suitable carrier, safety and experience take the wheel when it comes to navigating the complexities on the road and between warehouses. As we come up on 65 years of expertise in the refrigerated trucking industry, this also means that we have 23,741 days of practical experience within Canada and across the border to support the simplest to the most complex and timely transportation needs, making the logistics process less stressful for our customers, and the individuals on the receiving end of your delivery.

How Can We Help?

Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting down cool packs and cleaning up after the chaos! The need for cool packs and ice packs to ensure your goods stay at the perfect temperature is in the past. We're fully refrigerated, even our dock facilities! The Erb Group is fully equipped to transport a wide array of temperature-sensitive products, extending far beyond just food items. From pharmaceuticals, flowers, fine art/antiques, personal care products, and more, our job is to protect the integrity and quality of your products from points A to B.  There's more than one way to deliver with our variety of services and capabilities; tag along for the ride and see! No matter the shipment request, we can customize our services to meet your needs, from truckload (TL) to less-than-truckload flexibility (LTL). When it comes to last-minute runs, our home delivery and expedited services are dedicated to delivering on time and with precision. Our drivers take professionalism to new peaks and bring the utmost care, ensuring that your order, whether one skid or multiple skids, is a top priority! We take immense pride in our operations, driven by a firm commitment to excellence, an unwavering standard of care, and an unrelenting dedication to customer satisfaction. Our position as a leader in the cold chain logistics sector is a testament to our confidence in our abilities to deliver outstanding service to our clients. We believe that success in this industry is the result of building lasting relationships with our partners, and we remain steadfast in our journey to exceed expectations at every turn by offering the coolest cold chain solutions possible. Our commitment to these pillars extends to each and every customer we cross paths with, and it's what makes The Erb Group a trusted option to select for safeguarding your most cherished products and customers.  Need to ship something cool? Elevate your refrigerated shipping experience and reach out to sales@erbgroup.com today, or submit a quote through our website to get your fresh and frozen cargo on the road!
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