Why We Value Community


May 26 2022

· 3 min
Why We Value Community

Producing meaningful work in the transportation industry and community has been at the heart of our business since 1959. Our late founder Vernon Erb and his wife, Viola, founded the company on values that include prioritizing excellence and providing unparalleled customer service. The Erb Group strives to offer more than just a service but a memorable interaction that leaves customers with a smile and the community with food on their family’s table.

We are proud to be known for being a trustworthy transportation provider and our instinct to give back. Doing what we do best while caring for our community keeps our team fueled. We cherish our rich heritage and community roots by investing in people who have helped our family-owned business become a reputable leader in today’s trucking industry.

In honour of our people-first culture, we regularly encourage our employees to go above and beyond their regular duties to impact the lives of others positively. Here is a round-up of some of the great things our team accomplished together in the last 18-months.

Our Impact

Working alongside Feed Ontario, we helped move more than 4.8M lbs of food for families in need; this is the equivalent of 4 million meals for Ontarians facing hunger.

Essential Trailer sponsor

Additionally, as a company in the trucking industry throughout the pandemic, we were conscious of the many considerations overlooked, like breaks for food, fuel and restrooms that are essential to the survival of frontline workers. This why sponsoring the Essential Trailer last summer was an easy yes for our team.  During our time we didn’t only sponsor PPE and meals for our fellow truck drivers, visit our terminal network to show our team appreciation but we also visited many frontline workers in the Quinte West area to pay them tribute.

Further, in appreciation of frontline healthcare workers, we provided in-kind carrier support for CIBC and Goodfood that delivered 100,000 meals on International Nurses Day, fueling nurses working tirelessly to save lives throughout COVID.

Closer to our Head Office, despite the challenges the pandemic brought, we hosted our Annual Charity Golf Tournament for local charities, including Aldaview services, Wilmot Family Resource Centre, and Interfaith Counselling Center. With reduced attendance, in 2020 and 2021, our industry partners came together, and we were able to raise $54,115.24, providing a chance at improved quality of life for individuals and families around the area. In addition, we’ve also donated to the modernization of the Forest Glen playground, opening later in 2022.

Currently, we are actively seeking unique ways to advocate for diversity, quality education and the effects of poverty locally. So far, we’ve encouraged our employees across all terminals to donate and bring awareness to days of importance, like wearing orange on National Truth and Reconciliation Day. As well in support of our female employees in the trucking industry, we provided two women from our company the ability to donate $250 of their choice to a non-profit focusing on supporting and celebrating women for International Women’s Day.

This is just some of the ways our team was able to give back. We are incredibly proud of the generous team we have and their willingness to go above and beyond to be great stewards of our unique skillsets and capabilities. The Erb Group is always happy to help fill the gaps in our community’s experiencing food, financial and educational insecurity.

Our Aspirations

We aspire to continue to fill our customer’s unique needs while having an impact in our community. In 2022, this impact begins with a charitable partnership with key Canadian non-profits with zero-hunger missions and sponsoring many local initiatives surrounding our terminal network.

Looking back on the last 18-months we have had, there is no doubt that our commitment to go above and beyond has not gone unfelt. We will continue to vigorously pursue the chance to have our teamwork, integrity, and trust shine by living out the values our founder built The Erb Group on. As leaders in our industry, we hope that the accomplishments we’ve already made together inspire everyone to live their lives with the same mindset.

Going forward, we strive to make more cool moves in communities and organizations that need the extra fuel to thrive.