Fueling the Next Generation

The need for food security initiatives and programs has been in high demand and continues to soar as economic uncertainty persists worldwide, especially among children. In the face of this pressing issue, Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC), a non-profit organization, exists to help children across Canada access a nutritious breakfast every morning. Since 1994, Breakfast Club of Canada has been working with partners from all sectors to help children access a nutritious breakfast and reach their full potential. Working collectively with others to achieve their mission, BCC helps reach more than 580, 000 children in over 3,500 school nutrition programs nationwide. The Club ensures that meals include food choices from all three categories of Canada’s Food Guide: fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins. Their programs help ensure every child has access to a nutritious breakfast and an equal chance to thrive. There are many reasons children may not eat breakfast in the morning; however, the power of a nutrient-dense breakfast is often overlooked. The benefits of eating a healthy meal before or at school are proven and can be observed through enhanced mood, health, and academic performance. It can improve learning capabilities, alleviate hunger and help in generating a sense of belonging and making healthy choices independently. Furthermore, the impacts of breakfast programs are huge for children and generate positive changes in school communities and our society. By working together, we can help fuel the next generation and help children access a nutritious breakfast. Our Commitment to Giving Back With a mighty mission to create a hunger-free future for kids across Canada’s classrooms, their efforts cannot be accomplished alone. This summer, The Erb Group has committed to extending our cool moves to help BCC fuel the next generation of community leaders. At the core of our company’s foundation lies a deep commitment to giving back and supporting the people and communities we serve. As a refrigerated trucking company, we believe our purpose goes beyond our primary mission of bringing food to your family’s table and presents a unique advantage to lend our support to organizations dedicated to tackling food insecurity either through our compassion or in-kind support! Our team consists of passionate and dedicated individuals who genuinely care about making a difference. Thus, the cool moves we make in the community help fulfill and motivate our workforce to infuse more purpose into our everyday duties and beyond. Being a trailblazer in the trucking industry, we recognize that by aligning with organizations that address food security and support, we can amplify the impact of our work. Already, we have pledged $10,000 toward making a difference in the health and well-being of children in schools across Canada. However, we want to accelerate our impact; with your help, we can double the difference we make and contribute $20,000 toward empowering a stronger and smarter generation of kids. Your Donation Matters  Did you know that a donation of five dollars can help provide ten breakfasts for kids? For us, giving back is about providing support, spreading awareness, and inspiring others to join us in making a positive impact. In times of economic turbulence and uncertainty, it is vital that we stay connected by extending care and support to one another. By working together, we can help children reach their full potential one breakfast at a timedonate now to help fuel the next the generation. Contributions can be made from now until September 10th, 2023.    
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