Feb 22 2021

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Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day and the goal is to fight this crime by helping to raise awareness and recognize that it happens everyday and everywhere. Canadian drivers work diligently to deliver products throughout North America and in the course of their everyday jobs, these drivers have the opportunity to help victims of human trafficking. While the truths of human trafficking in Canada are shocking, professional drivers can help by knowing the signs and making a phone call.

This year Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), an international non-profit organization working to combat human trafficking as part of their everyday jobs, created a new TAT Canadian Committee (TCC) with volunteer members throughout the industry.  The goal of the TCC is to accelerate the growth for TAT Canada across the nation so that every Commercial Driver’s License holder understands the role they can play in discovering and disrupting human trafficking networks.

“I am really pleased to see this initiative is gaining momentum and putting a stop to this horrendous act.” says Erb’s Director of Safety and Compliance, Tom Boehler who recently joined the Canada Committee. “I’m particularly excited to be part of the committee here in Canada and increase awareness on our Canadian roads.”

Every day, drivers can make an impact and save victims of human trafficking. Sometimes all it takes is one simple call to rescue them and change their life. Together, let’s raise awareness and support victims of this crime.

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