Shipment Data Accuracy: Setting Yourself Up for Success


Apr 18 2019

· 2 min
Shipment Data Accuracy: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Similar to many, if not all, other industries, the transportation and logistics industry is comprised of various departments and stakeholders working alongside each other to achieve one common goal. Through our 60 years of experience, we have found that the best way to achieve a unified and smooth operation while working with so many moving parts is based around one theme: accurate communication.

The transportation and logistics industry is constantly striving for seamless and effective communications between all stakeholders. In fact, the success of this industry relies heavily on communication and accuracy. For instance, receiving the proper data from customers prior to delivery is a crucial part of a successful shipment. Kellen, a member of our sales team here at Erb, explained why communication, specifically shipment data accuracy, is so crucial.

“Receiving accurate data from customers ensures that our equipment and resources are allocated properly to best suit their needs, setting them up for success” Kellen explained. For example, receiving accurate piece counts before pick-up is crucial to ensure we have enough room in our trailers for their product. Likewise, ensuring we know the accurate weight of the shipment is necessary for us to make room for that amount of product before we go to the pick-up location. He explained that any special requirements such as tailgates and hours of operations also need to be communicated accurately and effectively prior to delivery.

Without effective communications and accurate data, shipments can quickly go amiss. Erb Transport understands that our main goal is to ensure a successful delivery and create a satisfied customer; however, that goal can be difficult to reach when we are not equipped with accurate information.

We want our customers to be visual representations of our service: satisfied and successful. Maintaining and prioritizing open lines of communications for our customers will undoubtedly create the most mutually beneficial experience for all parties, and we will continue striving for this with each shipment we take.