Jun 17 2020

· 2 min

Life has finally sprung all around us, it is hard to believe that just last month we had our last snow fall!  Now, everywhere you look there are signs of summer. With limited options for leisure, it is great to be able to enjoy the Canadian summer outdoors safely. From a stroll around town, to a picnic by the river or hike in the forest, we see a strong presence of trees all around. One of the many beautiful things trees bring is a gift for the future. Every tree we see today was once a little seed planted in the dirt by someone who knew that with time, water, and sunshine a great thing would grow. You too have an opportunity to give a gift to future generations. Just like each of us are healing in our own way after a spring of quarantine, trees are slowly helping our Earth heal and stay healthy!

Here are some of the benefits trees bring us:

Cleaner air – Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other odors and pollutants like sulfur dioxide and ammonia. Not only do they absorb polluted air, but they release oxygen back into our air making it easier and better to breathe!

Reduce stress and promote healing – Studies show that spending time around trees can help lower your blood pressure and improve your mood. They can reduce stress and anxiety and help speed up the healing process for those who are ill. This is why you see so many trees and gardens surrounding hospitals.

Asset to your home- You might be surprised to know that trees can increase the property value of your home and can even help you save money on utility bills. Studies show that homes with mature trees can increase their homes selling price by 5-15%.

Fight against climate change – Most of us are conscious that we need to try reducing our carbon footprint and recycle as much as possible. By planting a tree, you can take your fight against climate change one step further! Like plants, through photosynthesis, trees filter our air and hang on to harmful carbon dioxide and only release the good stuff, oxygen!

Shelter and shade- Not only is it nice for us to escape from the harmful rays of the sun on a hot day and cool off under a tree, trees provide shelter and food for birds and insects all year long. Our furry and sometimes scary friends need trees to shelter them.

There are many reasons to appreciate trees, whether it be for their beauty, health benefits or their positive contribution in our environment we cannot deny they bring us many benefits. Planting a tree is a gift to our children and grandchildren, it’s a long-term commitment to our planet. If you would like to plant a tree and dedicate it to the memory of our founder, Vernon Erb, you can do so at the Heartfelt Sympathies Store. A new memorial tree will be planted at the available location you choose and with time, water and sunshine it will grow to provide us many gifts.