emissions tampering


On December 3, the Ontario Government officially introduced plans to restrict emissions tampering for heavy trucks. This initiative aims to eliminate the practice of emissions tampering done by non-compliant businesses.

The Vehicle Emissions Enforcement Unit (VEEU) makes sure that vehicles in Ontario are compliant with the Environmental Protection Act and its regulations. The enforcement of these measures will reduce harmful emissions and pollution from heavy-duty vehicles and protect our environment. In addition, vehicles with disabled emissions system could have their plates seized in Ontario.

“These changes signal a true commitment from the provincial government to clean up our air,” says Stephen Laskowski, President of the OTA. “By introducing an on-road enforcement regime focused on tampering, the province of Ontario is leading on the reduction of smog-causing pollution and reducing unnecessary red tape for all trucking companies in Ontario.”

At Erb Transport, we have always maintained our emissions devices to the Environmental Protection Act standards. Furthermore, we have adopted many practices that reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet. For example, we reward our drivers with the Pro-Drive program: drivers are awarded if they reduce their idling time. Similarly, our long-haul equipment has no idling systems; drivers can run air conditioning and heaters without idling. We also developed trailer tails and side skirts to benefit the environment.

“Environmental initiatives have not been inexpensive for us, maintenance-wise,” says Kevin Becker, Manager of our Baden Shop. “However, it has a significant impact on our planet. These new regulations will certainly level the playing field. It will be a financial burden for non-compliant companies to bring their emissions devices back to standard.”

As of January 1, 2020, Ontario will make it illegal to produce, sell or install tampering devices. For more information on vehicle emissions regulations, click here.

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