Jan 23 2019

· 2 min

The transportation industry is intently focused on combating and solving issues regarding environmental impacts and safety concerns. Erb Transport has demonstrated our commitment to solving these issues by taking noticeable action and committing to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Environmental Initiatives:

• We prioritize fuel economy, and strive to conserve fuel whenever possible. We specify fuel economy packages that come with our trucks, which enable us to emit fewer emissions into the environment. We also exclusively use high quality fuel to ensure the best performance from our engines.

• Instead of using diesel fuel, we now operate with auxiliary power units which are battery operated. These batteries charge while the truck is driving, and provide the driver with 8-10 consecutive hours of air conditioning or heat (whichever is required). We also have anti-idle settings; if the battery power is too low, they immediately begin self-charging.

• Our transmissions are now computerized and our trucks are, primarily, no longer equipped with manual transmissions. There are roughly eight computers in each truck, and our transmissions and engines are constantly talking to each other and all of the support systems. This ensures that the truck is always in the correct gear to give the driver the best performance and fuel economy. These computerized transmissions also amplify road safety, as the driver can focus on driving and road conditions, rather than ensuring they are in the correct gear.

• We have low rolling resistance tires on our trucks and trailers. Our trailer skirts also control air flow and enhance aerodynamics.

Trailer tails are one of our most significant initiatives. We have been a part of the development of these tails, as well as the auto-deploy and auto-retract functions. After assessing issues and creating solutions, the trailer tails are more effective and efficient than ever. Today, the tails automatically open while the truck is driving 35mph or higher and automatically close if it is driving less than 35mph to ensure 100% efficiency. We have two development trailers with these automated tails, and five more will be introduced in 2019. Not only do they benefit the environment, they also enhance safety. The trailer tails change the air flow at the back of the truck, preventing the spraying of slush, rain, or snow; providing better visibility to the truck driver and for other drivers on the road.

Safety Initiatives:

• We have installed event recording cameras in our trucks; sudden movements can be captured on video (sudden brake events, swerving, or jolting). The driver is also able to manually activate the recorder if they are anticipating an accident.

• We have purchased roll stability on our trucks; if a truck, for any reason, loses stability, the automatic brakes take over and stabilize the truck. They slow the trucks speed and help prevent roll over or any further issues.

• We also have collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control, which will automatically stop the truck if it is in close proximity to another vehicle.

Erb Transport is a leader in the transportation industry, and is an innovative and forward thinking company. All of our practices have been tested and proven to work, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of our company. We take advantage of the technology that will assist us, and ensure we remain a sustainable and environmentally conscious organization.