Inspiring Inclusion, Empowering Excellence in the Workplace


Mar 6 2024

· 3 min
Inspiring Inclusion, Empowering Excellence in the Workplace

Patience, understanding, and out-of-the-box thinking are the three qualities that Karen Moloney, our Terminal Manager, brings to her job every day. With these qualities, she fosters a culture of inclusion and innovation while empowering excellence within her team. Karen is the first female Terminal Manager at The Erb Group’s Winnipeg Terminal. She joined the company in September 2023 and has been amplifying our cool moves across Manitoba. Her impact at The Erb Group has been felt terminal-wide by our employees and clients in just a few short months.

A Woman’s Journey in the Trucking Industry

With over two decades of experience in trucking, Karen has witnessed the evolution of the industry firsthand and how it’s beginning to shift. During a time when many women were going to college to be teachers or nurses, Karen knew she didn’t want to go that route. She began her first experience in the trucking industry in 1994 on a dock as a Forklift Driver. As she progressed, she moved from a lead hand role to a supervisory position and later took on logistics coordination responsibilities. Ultimately, she became a Terminal Manager and oversaw the operations at the facility.

Karen’s interest in the industry kept growing. “It’s just the fact the trucking is always evolving, and it’s never the same day twice,” she adds. Her growth in the industry allowed her the opportunity to enhance and observe operations between Canada and the U.S. Additionally, her passion and determination led her to be the first woman to earn Maple Leaf’s Golden Rule Award for “doing what is right,” a value Karen applies to the daily interactions she and her team face.

Although trucking is a traditionally male-dominated industry, we are slowly seeing more women in these roles. According to the Women in Trucking (WIT) Index, the percentage of female safety professionals in corporations with for-hire or private fleets in the commercial freight transportation industry continues to increase. As per the 2023 WIT Index report, 41.6% of safety professionals working in the transportation industry are women. Among other job roles, 7.5% of female employees work as Technicians, 12.1% are engaged in Professional Driving roles, 36.9% hold leadership positions, and 43.5% work in Dispatch roles.

Karen’s experience brings a broadened perspective when it comes to teamwork and inclusion, which has helped her and her team exceed multiple goals in a short time. Karen’s leadership approach goes beyond gender roles and focuses on a culture of belonging, “I think having a diverse team helps promote a cohesive workplace. Providing more opportunities for individuals interested in the industry would increase their eagerness to join the team and allow them to imagine themselves in the environment,” said Karen.

A Day in the Life of a Terminal Manager

From overseeing operations and fostering a culture of equality and collaboration, Karen’s role is diverse and multifaceted. Karen starts each day by prioritizing the well-being of her team. By focusing on treating all her team members the same, Karen fosters a close-knit culture at the Winnipeg Terminal and has created a level playing field where respect, camaraderie, and excellence flourish. “It’s about building a relationship with the individuals on your team. There is no bias when you build an environment with trust, inclusion and understanding,” Karen added.

Reflecting on her journey to The Erb Group, Karen emphasizes the importance of its family atmosphere. What Karen values most about her time at The Erb Group is how united her team has become since she joined. Through her leadership, she has strengthened a unified team-driven approach within her terminal. “If you can get your team on board, it’s amazing what you can accomplish,” she notes, highlighting the impact of a simple hello in the morning. Karen’s influence has built the team up and increased morale. “We still have a long way to go. I don’t think you ever stop growing, but I am proud of how far we’ve come,” she said. Winnipeg’s determination was acknowledged at this year’s Erb Excellence Night, where they were recognized for their achievements as Top Performing Small Terminal of 2023.

Empowering Women in Logistics

Acknowledging the evolution of the industry, Karen highlighted the importance of evolving with it. At The Erb Group, we are actively working to increase the representation of women and individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to drive further positive change in the industry. “Being the first female Terminal Manager at Erb puts me in a unique position to take on what I am learning and add my own personal touch and experience,” said Karen. Among her aspirations for the future, she is eager to expand The Erb Group’s services across the Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Ontario markets.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and try new things,” said Karen, offering advice to individuals looking to break gender barriers and pursue diverse opportunities within the industry. Drawing from her own journey, Karen emphasizes the benefits of starting from the ground up, “there are so many aspects of the sector that are not just behind the wheel.” she shared. Karen’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion and encouraging individuals to take on new challenges embodies the empowerment fueling positive change throughout our organization.

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