Connecting Through Collecting


Dec 22 2022

· 3 min
Connecting Through Collecting

Diecast trucks are a fun and memorable way to show pride; they are also a great way to create collections that turn into treasured keepsakes and spark connections that last a lifetime. Mac Irvine is one of the few individuals who has collected each of the many Erb diecast releases over the years. However, his collection isn’t complete yet. With over 450 trucks, he was on the search for a specific one that led him right to our home terminal.

Erb Diecast Trucks 

Mac is a retired school superintendent; before that, he was part of the Canadian Navy and various armed forces for half a dozen years. He started his diecast collection 30 years ago and since then has collected nearly 450 trucks, 24 of those being our Erb diecast trucks. He loves keeping records of the local trucking companies and their diecast truck models. While reflecting on his collection, “In terms of quantity and quality, Erb takes the cake!” he added.

Mac’s collections started with Schneider trucks, as they had a yard in Aberfoyle. However, growing up in Stratford, where our trucks often pass, The Erb Group’s bold branding and cool moves caught his eye. Most of Mac’s Erb models were bought through a connection at Twin City Diecast and Classic Collectibles, keeping collectors informed about upcoming releases. Since these companies have closed, he’s had to rely on the internet for his search, leading him right to our Baden Terminal. 

Connecting Through Collecting

Through collecting, Mac created new connections and a stronger tie to The Erb Group than just admiring our diecasts. In his search for the remaining diecasts he needed to complete his collection, he found our Senior Corporate Fleet director, Jim Pinder online. Although Jim didn’t know much about our diecast releases, he referred him to our CEO, Wendell Erb. Through exchanging a couple of emails back and forth, Mac was touched by how patient and accommodating Wendell was in helping him source the trucks he didn’t have, despite not being a customer or employee but just an ordinary collector. Mac also collects with his son. “It’s all fun and games until we spot a rare one, and the challenge is who gets it if there’s only one “he added. In this case, Wendell made sure each of them got the newest release of our diecasts. “It was a true testament to the people first and community values of the company,” Mac said while reflecting on the experience.

On the lookout

For any other diecast collectors, looking for tips and tricks, “You have to be very patient during the search and look in quite a variety of places,” said Mac. “What makes collecting more difficult is there are far fewer releases of diecast vehicles then there were years ago.” Another aspect of collecting is following the makes and models. Amongst the many challenges collectors face, Mac says the main obstacles he faces now are finding a source for specific diecasts, where to store them, and sourcing their original packaging. Keeping the packaging in good shape is just as important as the truck itself and is a clear indicator of the specific type of truck it is and enhances its value to other collectors.

Some other tips include:

  • Be knowledgeable of the different makes and models.
  • Be patient. Finding the specific model or release you are looking for can take time. 
  • Make full use of the internet. Mac found a lot from going on eBay or other secondhand platforms; sometimes, retired employees resell the trucks for collectors. 
  • Better yet, go directly to the trucking company, and you might get lucky!

Certainly, Mac’s journey to source our trucks has gotten a little cooler with his new connection. His search for the entire Erb diecast collection is still ongoing, as his investigation continues by looking for five more trucks to add to his shelf. Diecast models will always be a popular line of collectible toys for kids and adults alike. These trucks are timeless and can provide a source of fun and interest, whether for play or simply collectability.

Interested in starting your own Erb diecast truck collection? Visit our Diecast Truck tab on the Erb Gear website at or get in touch with our marketing department at to get your order in before the holidays!

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