Celebrating a Successful Career in Transportation: Daniel Jacques


Apr 19 2023

· 2 min
Celebrating a Successful Career in Transportation: Daniel Jacques

Here at The Erb Group, company culture is an essential part of how we operate. Honouring our employee’s milestones with our company is just one of the ways we showcase our appreciation and gratitude towards them and their dedication to growing with and making The Erb Group better year after year.

Sharing the stories of some of the employees who have been with us for an extended period is also a way we like to highlight their contributions and showcase our gratitude for their role in the organization.

Values & Characteristics

Daniel Jacques is our Montreal Terminal Manager and has been with The Erb Group since 2008, when he started as an Overnight Assistant Router. He is now the Montreal Terminal Manager, one of our biggest terminals. Daniel has recently just hit his fifteen-year milestone with the company, so we decided to catch up with him and learn more about his job and time here at Erb.

When asking him about his job and the company, Daniel says being able to implement positive changes so that his staff doesn’t feel like they’re in just another job is something he values most about being in his position. As a Terminal Manager, he says determination, engagement, patience, and teamwork are all characteristics one might need to succeed in his job as well.

Always Learning

When choosing to work for The Erb Group, like most people when job hunting, he didn’t know a lot about the business itself. Coming into the transportation and trucking industry can seem daunting, with it being so large and an essential part of our society. But now Daniel says he’s realized there’s no better place to work. He’s proudest of starting at the company with no prior transportation experience and using his past knowledge and great friends and coworkers to help guide him to his accomplishments today.

Daniel says, “With determination and curiosity, I observed and learned the business, which helped me move up and grow through the company.” And when asked what he looks forward to most with The Erb Group, he wants to hopefully see us continue to be number one in the refrigerated transportation business.

If there’s one thing Daniel has learned that he can pass on to others throughout his time at the company and the position he’s in now, it’s that every day is a job interview. Continue learning and wanting to grow, and you will be rewarded with great opportunities.


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