Green initiatives

Since 1959

ERB’S drive to go green

The Erb Group of Companies is proud to participate in many leading initiatives within our industry. When it comes to important issues like food safety, product security and the environment, we are firmly committed to going the extra mile.


Smartway Transport Partnership

Erb is a SmartWay Transport Partner, an innovative collaboration between the U.S., Canada and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the freight industry, designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Truck & Trailer specs

  • Trailer Tails – The first adopters in the Canadian trucking industry, these aerodynamic tails improve fuel efficiency by 5.5% by streamlining airflow and reducing rear drag
  • Trailer Skirts – Skirts have been installed on 53′ trailers to improve fuel efficiency by up to 6% by reducing aerodynamic drag under the trailer where air hits the rear axles
  • Tractor Tires – Our fuel efficient tires are SmartWay verified because of the reduced rolling resistance from the dual energy compound tread which extends mileage and the lifetime of the tire
  • Trailer Tires – Ecopia tires are loaded with new technologies and innovations from revolutionary low rolling resistance design to advanced tread compounds, they are setting the standard in terms of eco-performance
  • Tire Inflation Systems – Tiremaax systems minimize tire wear by providing a responsive approach to help extend tire life and increase fuel efficiency by keeping trailer tires properly inflated and rolling smoothly
  • Eco Mud Flaps – The patented aerodynamic design of the Eco Flaps splash guard offers a simple solution to two of the greatest challenges in the transportation industry today – reducing fuel costs and improving performance
  • Refrigeration Technology – Our systems are environmentally sound and reduce noise, fuel use, and emissions. New units are all EPA Tier 4 final complaint
  • Aerodynamic Tractors – Our new tractors with full chassis skirts and full roof fairings are contributing to an overall improvement in our fuel economy
  • LCV’s – Long Combination Vehicles have been introduced to high volume traffic corridors, reducing miles and saving fuel and reducing greenhouse gases
  • Truck Specs – Using the latest technology in automated transmissions, our high torque engine packages offer cleaner exhaust emissions through diesel exhaust fluid technology
  • Auxiliary Power Units – Sleeper berth equipped tractors have battery powered APUs to keep the truck warm/cool during downtime, without idling the engine, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 5%.