Types of Careers in Transportation

Many thoughts of next steps or backup plans are in the air in our economy's ever-changing job market. While considering your next steps, a career change is commonly what people turn to; however, a career in trucking is often overlooked. Aside from driving or dispatch, there are many other job functions that may suit your interest in the trucking industry. The Erb Group strives to deliver honest, knowledgeable, and specialized service to our customers. Before you think twice about trucking, we've highlighted a few types of careers in trucking and logistics and their purpose within the industry.

Truck Driving 

It may seem like the obvious one! Truck driving is one of the most common positions associated with the trucking industry and offers many accommodations. From the option of long-haul trips or short-haul trucks for local deliveries, truck drivers have flexibility in picking their shift types, where they live and what kind of freight they'd like to transport. Job titles for different truckers can range from International Cross Boarder AZ Drivers to DZ Local Drivers and Owner/Operators. Depending on the province, truck driving usually requires a DZ or AZ license that can often be obtained within a 103.5-hour training program (generally a few weeks) and in-cab experience with a driver trainer. To be a driver involves moving freight and prioritizing safety above all else. Due to the labour shortage caused by COVID-19, companies are looking to fill truck driver positions vigorously. One of the perks of working for a specialized transportation company is that it offers job security. Since we have a dedicated niche for servicing perishable goods, we are an essential service no matter the current economic status.

Distribution and Warehousing 

Distribution and warehousing are equally as important. Our drivers' jobs rely on the seamless operations of large distribution centers and warehouses. These powerhouses require various workers and levels of experience to ensure that each shipment gets checked before an order gets loaded onto the truck. In addition to checking shipments for damages, they are also responsible for picking and locating orders according to priority using mechanical equipment. Individuals in entry-level jobs can quickly move into lead hand or other management positions. Many of our employees in and around our warehouses are imperative to completing the job with excellence and efficiency. This is also a great starting point for someone wanting to learn about the operations side of transportation, which can lead to many career pathways.

Fleet Maintenance 

Fleet maintenance is essential in getting all our organization's vehicles up and running to encourage practicing fleet safety and effectiveness while keeping our drivers' safety on the road a priority. The fleet maintenance team holds significant responsibilities, many of which include performing safety inspections and maintenance on our fleet and documenting vehicle safety reports. If not for our fleet maintenance team, our trucks would be more costly to maintain and become a challenge in delivering our drivers and goods efficiently, and on time. Different positions in the department include licensed mechanics, trailer technicians, and oil and lube technicians of various ranks like 310T or 310J. Additionally, we offer apprentice mechanic opportunities. We want to invest in individuals and their potential to grow in the industry. We are always looking for people to help care for and maintain our fleet family. 


Trucking logistics entails managing goods as they move through the supply chain. It's a complex job with many positions and skillsets required to function productively. Some positions include logistics coordinators, traffic directors, account executives, and other administrative roles where many project management and strategic communication practices get used to keep track of workflow and incoming and outcoming orders.

Work in this sector has a wide range of jobs and plenty of flexibility around travel planning, moving materials or goods, and the logistics behind all trucking operations. Whether you are a teacher, technician, musician, retiree, or student, we all have common skills that can easily be transferred into a position in transportation you might not know you love. To learn more about the types of career opportunities in transportation, check out our weekly blogs and The Erb Group job board to get ahead of making your next cool move in the transportation job market!

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