Nov 6 2019

· 2 min

At Erb Transport, we believe in empowering our employees by investing in their potential. We identify individuals who are passionate about learning and equip them with the tools to succeed. One of the ways that we do this is through our apprenticeship program for commercial vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Our apprenticeship program

In Ontario, it is a provincial requirement that an apprentice completes in-school training as well as on-the-job training in order to become a certified truck technician or trailer technician. This is where Erb comes in. As a major employer in the industry, Erb Transport is an active participant in the apprenticeship program; we sponsor apprentices across all our terminals and help pay for their Ontario College of Trades membership. Not only do they gain work experience and learn practical skill sets from our professional mechanics, they also have the opportunity to earn a living wage.

“It’s a great way to invest in people and employ technicians,” says Jim Pinder, Erb Transport’s Fleet Director. “Instead of scouting for licensed technicians, we prefer to “grow our own” and give people a chance to enter the industry and get a head start on their career. We have had many apprentices and co-op students who end up staying with us after their training program and we are proud to welcome them to our family.”

The importance of trades

Kevin Becker, Manager at our Baden shop, started at Erb Transport as a co-op student in his last year of high school. Upon completing his co-op term, Kevin stayed on full-time as an apprentice and eventually obtained his truck and coach mechanic license. Thanks to his first-hand experience, Kevin understands the importance of providing young people with resources to help them kick-start their career. Furthermore, he emphasizes that more people need to be aware of the significance of the transportation sector and skilled trades as a whole.

“A lot of students don’t realize how crucial trades are,” says Kevin. “Our school system has not highlighted the complexity and the level of skills required to do well in trades. Everything is electronic these days. You need to be proficient in computer work to conduct diagnostics and analysis. These professions demand a high degree of intelligence, creativity and extensive training; plus they pay well… so it’s safe to say that the stereotype around trades is obsolete.”

How Erb makes an impact

Through our apprenticeship and co-op opportunities, Erb Transport aims to encourage students and working professionals who are seeking a change in their career to join the transportation industry. Today, at “Bring Your Kid to Work Day,” we got a chance to meet with Luke Ruby, Certified Truck Trailer Technician, and his daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth looks up to her father and his accomplishments. Although she is only in grade 9, Elizabeth is already showing a keen interest in welding and working in trades, possibly with the Erb Group of Companies.

At Erb, we also promote growth and education internally. We advocate for our technicians to complete new training to enhance their skill level and stay updated with the latest technological development. At the end of the day, our people drive our business and contribute to the economy. Therefore, the best investment we could make is in people.


For more information on the Apprenticeship Program with the Ontario College of Trades, click here.

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