Why Choose the Transportation Industry?


May 30 2018

· 2 min
Why Choose the Transportation Industry?

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the many (many, many, many) benefits of working here at Erb. Today, however, we are going to discuss the benefits of beginning your career as a truck driver at any company. This industry is huge, and although we highly recommend a truck driving job with Erb, we also recommend that you give this industry a chance, wherever you choose! Over 50% of people are unaware of the benefits and opportunities that follow a truck driving career. This week, we’ve created a list of only a few of the best parts about being a truck driver. There’s more where this came from!


  • Explore the country. Truck driving provides you with a once in a lifetime opportunity; get paid to travel across Canada! Drive past the Rocky Mountains, through Canada’s capital city, or around a town that you never knew existed. The view out of your office window won’t be a regular one. You’ll get to see sights that people only dream of, and enjoy them at various truck stops. Plus, if touring Canada doesn’t sound appealing, there are always smaller and shorter day shifts. You can choose!


  •  Job security. The transportation industry is always hiring drivers. Often times, drivers spend their entire careers with one employer. This industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for drivers is also increasing. Working in this industry means you don’t just have a job, you have a career.


  • Opportunity. One of the most unknown aspects of the transportation industry is the opportunity. Just because you begin your career as a truck driver, doesn’t mean that’s where you’ll end it. The opportunity for personal and professional growth in this industry is endless. You may enjoy your first position, yet work somewhere completely different by the end of your tenure. These companies are large and ready to tap into your full potential, in whatever position that may be!


  • A non-traditional job in a traditional industry. Although transportation is a traditional industry, truck driving is not a traditional job! This job can be exciting, thought-provoking, unique, and more! There are very few jobs in the world that offer you the same benefits as professional truck driving.


  • Have some fun on the job. Make a personalized CD, listen to your favorite podcast, or bring your camera for those unforgettable moments. Some of our employees here at Erb even bring their fishing rods for some fun during break time!


Hopefully, after reading this article, we have tipped the scale in favor of our great industry! For any other questions or concerns about working for the transportation industry, check out our website at https://erbgroup.com/services/