What you may not know about trucking


Jan 17 2018

· 2 min
What you may not know about trucking

Generally speaking, most people don’t consider the trucking industry an essential part of their day-to-day lives. It isn’t glamorous, or at the forefront of every magazine. It is, however,  an essential part of society as we know it. Many people don’t recognize just how multifaceted this industry is, and that without trucking, those day-to-day lives would be immeasurably different. When you see a truck on the highway, how often do you stop and consider how important that load may be? Without trucking, it would take only days for food to expire, medical facilities to run out of supplies, ATM’s to empty, and so on.

Practically every other industry relies on the transportation industry for the reliable and safe delivery of their products. If it needs to get from one location to the next, it needs a truck! This week, we found some surprising facts about this industry. Next time you see an Erb truck on the road, think of this:

  • The Canadian trucking industry transported roughly 729.2 million tons of freight in 2015.
  • According to Business Insider, roughly 83% of the revenue from the Commercial Transportation Industry comes from truck driving!
  • Ontario, Alberta and Quebec accounted for 71% of the total weight transported by truck.
  • According to statistics Canada, roughly 227,000 Canadians are currently employed as truck drivers. This occupation is one of the primary employers in Canada!
  • According to statistics Canada, in 2015 there were 64,254,141 shipments delivered by our Canadian truck drivers. (Including all of your favorite products!)

At Erb Transport, the safe and reliable transportation of our foods and supplies is always our top priority. We have roughly 2,750 customers (15,000+ consignees), ranging from smaller businesses to massive franchises and superstores. Although the transportation industry may not be at the forefront of daily media, it does make a significant impact on society, employment rates, the economy, and more.

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