A View from the Driver’s Seat


Aug 1 2018

· 2 min
A View from the Driver’s Seat

Erb Transport has developed, over the last 60 years, from a one-man operation into a company with upwards of 1,500 employees. Many of our employees perceive working in this industry as a lifestyle rather than a job; especially our drivers. Numerous Erb drivers credit their genuine passion for trucking to growing up in this industry. One of our Erb drivers, Pat Etches, comes from a large family of truck drivers, and has been with Erb for over 22 years. He has great insight into this industry and understands the benefits, and challenges, of being a truck driver.

Being a truck driver means getting paid to travel. Pat’s favorite aspect about being a driver is visiting places he never would have gone otherwise. He was once sent to Nebraska on a long haul trip, and never would have guessed that it would have turned into his favorite travel destination. He explained that without this job, he never would have visited this beautiful state and all of the scenery and nature that comes with it. The Statue of Liberty was another exceptional monument that Pat has experienced because of this job. He explained that getting to see iconic landmarks around Canada and the US is the most enjoyable, interesting part about driving. Other Erb drivers have enjoyed seeing landmarks such as the Rocky Mountains; the CN Tower; Quebec City; the Parliament buildings; and more! There is no view more rewarding or beautiful than the view through the windshield of an Erb truck.

Being a driver means spending all of your time concentrating on the road and the cars around you. There is, however, some downtime off the road. When our drivers aren’t on the road, they often like to practice their hobbies to pass the time. On long trips, Pat enjoys Sudoku, cross word puzzles, and reading. These hobbies let him exercise his brain while waiting for the next load. Some drivers even bring fishing rods to certain places! We also encourage our drivers to exercise or stretch during their breaks and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pat sincerely enjoys his career here at Erb. He explained that the most challenging part of being a driver is just that: driving. Maneuvering these trucks and trailers among other cars can be stressful. He also explained, however, that Erb prioritizes safety and training to the highest level. Erb offers detailed, progressive training for our drivers. Maintaining and enhancing driving skills is one of the most essential aspects of being a driver, and is highly encouraged here at Erb!

Many Erb drivers, just like Pat, enjoy their jobs for various reasons. This is one of the most unique, interesting, dynamic industries to date. We appreciate our drivers for all that they do, and you should too!

“If you bought it, a truck driver brought it”

Photo Credit: Nick Collette, taken in Nebraska