Nov 19 2020

· 2 min

Did you know Erb Transport has been around for over 60 years? We have been fortunate to be part of the trucking industry, providing an essential service during these uncertain times. We specialize in refrigerated shipping, delivering throughout Canada and the United States, ensuring our grocery store shelves remain stocked. The need for safe and reliable transportation for our food has never been more important. Erb is looking for more professional drivers to join our mission in delivering loads throughout North America and ensuring food remains on families’ tables.

We interviewed several Erb drivers to get their take on what it’s like driving across the border and learned how the pandemic has reshaped the trucking industry. Here is our final part of our three-part Cross-Border Driver blog series:


Shaun – 1.5 Years in Trucking

Shaun is an over the road (long haul) driver based out of Erb’s Baden terminal. His interest in auto sports and love for driving brought him to Erb just over a year and a half ago. In his previous employment, he realized that his favourite part of the job was the opportunity to travel which led him to seek out a new career path. Most of Shaun’s runs are out west and into the USA.

Why Drive Cross-Border for Erb?

“The best part about working for Erb and driving a truck is the ability to travel and see new places throughout Canada and the USA.” says Shaun. “I enjoy the independence and freedom of the open road. I love that my office window is constantly changing.”

We asked Shaun what he would tell another driver considering cross-border work, he said, “On a day-to-day basis, there isn’t much of a difference between driving in Canada and the USA. So long as you ensure your paperwork is in order, it does not typically cause any other issues than it would driving Canada only. Since you are open to loads in both Canada and the USA, you usually can get assigned loads quicker as there are more options. A nice perk in the winter is the opportunity to be sent somewhere hot and sunny for a break from the cold.”

Since COVID-19, Shaun said that the primary changes are the indirect interaction with customers (using technology to communicate, no direct transfer of paperwork, etc.). He is enjoying  the shorter lines at border crossings since only essential travel is currently permitted.

Shaun says, “This career is challenging and always changing, but has been very rewarding. I would encourage anyone who loves to drive and wants to work independently to give it a chance.”

Are you thinking about making a change in your driving career? Now is the time to make the switch to Erb Transport. We are currently offering a $2000 SIGN-ON BONUS to all cross-border drivers who start before January 1, 2021. Contact one of our recruiters today to find out more about our open positions: or 1-800-461-5299. You can also visit our website for more details about why Erb is the place to be!