Nov 10 2020

· 3 min

Just like any driving job, cross-border has its advantages and its challenges. Here is part two of our special three-part blog series gathering insights from Erb Drivers and their experiences driving south of the border. Being a part of this essential industry has never been more important.


Aaron – 17 Years in Trucking

Aaron, an ex-militant, began his driving career 17 years ago hauling explosives before making his way into the logging field in Sudbury. During his time there he saw K-DAC trucks and when he moved out west he got on driving with K-DAC (which was part of the Erb Group). He mainly ran Baden to Vancouver, the East Coast and into Western Canada, and was out 12-13 days at a time.

Why Drive Cross-Border for Erb?

Aaron, having felt hesitant moving from a small to large company, made the switch from K-DAC to Erb in December 2019 when it was amalgamated, and feels like he made the right choice. “Management listened to my concerns and issues and I am extremely happy. Erb is well respected by other companies and is also one of the higher paying companies offering top tier pay rates which really reflect the retention rate.” Aaron says that there are also very little delays or issues crossing the border because of Erb’s C-TPAT and FAST cards. When asked how COVID-19 has changed the trucking landscape over the border, he said, “At the beginning it was a mess, but now crossing the border is easier than ever before because there are usually no lineups.”  Aaron says he enjoys driving down south where the roads are better and there are more facilities and accommodations for drivers. “It’s not a job for everybody,” he says, “but if your lifestyle allows it, make the switch to trucking cross border.”

Wayne – Over 40 Years in Trucking

Wayne is no stranger to trucking. He has been in the industry for over 40 years. He used to own his truck, and also sold trailers for Great Dane for a time.  After five years off, he came back into the industry and joined our team at Erb Transport. He has done a variety of work over the years, but now is mainly working a combination of local work and trips bringing products back from the United States.

Why Drive Cross-Border for Erb?

Wayne says that Erb’s reputation in the industry really helps at border crossings. “The company is respected for following the rules and dispatch ensures the paperwork is always in hand. If we are called into the scales, we are usually waived through.” He tells us that doing cross-border work also pays better. “You get a higher mileage rate, paid delay times, loading time etc. The roads are also nicer and there are more facilities for drivers to use.” When we asked Wayne if COVID-19 has changed trucking in the U.S., he explained that everyone is more careful. “There are masks, more time in the truck, and less interaction with other people, but the time driving is pretty much the same.”  

Wayne informed us that Erb has very supportive dispatch teams in the office. “There is an important level of communication, a good satellite system and dispatch responds immediately. Erb always has well maintained, safe equipment.” Wayne has experienced minimal equipment problems, especially driving long haul, because drivers are given the new tractors and good equipment to get the job done.


Are you thinking about making a change in your driving career? Now is the time to make the switch to Erb Transport. We are currently offering a $2000 SIGN-ON BONUS to all cross-border drivers who start before January 1, 2021. Contact one of our recruiters today to find out more about our open positions: or 1-800-461-5299. You can also visit our website for more details about why Erb is the place to be!


Photo by Paul Scott