Apr 10 2019

· 2 min

Erb Transport has been recognized, for the sixth consecutive year, as a Top Fleet Employer by Trucking HR Canada. Our recognition these past six years has earned us the Top Fleet Employers of Distinction status, and we are so proud. Thank you to Trucking HR Canada for creating this recognition program and encouraging companies to participate. It is our ongoing goal to foster a positive work environment reflective of our innovative HR practices.

“We would like to take this opportunity to recognize our amazing team members” Our Vice President of Human Resources, Dave Dietrich, explained upon hearing of our recognition. “Our drivers, dock workers, yard / shunters, fleet maintenance, operations and administration staff. We couldn’t have accomplished this amazing honour without all of your contributions, dedication and loyalty”.

All applicants were evaluated based on workplace culture, HR practices, compensation, training, and more. Recipients of this accolade have gone above and beyond regular standards; it must be clear that, above all, the company prioritizes the success and prosperity of their employees. When asked why Erb Transport has been recognized for six consecutive years, Dave explained that “Erb is a relatively large trucking company, consisting of almost 1,500 employees; however, I like to think of us as a large company with a small company feel. That employee-centric, family atmosphere is still as present today as it was in our earlier years”.

The Top Fleet Employers program encourages individual companies to assess and improve their work environments, prompting a chain reaction throughout this industry. Multiple transportation companies having positive work environments and satisfied employees will undoubtedly create an industry overflowing with positivity, translating to higher degrees of success and productivity. A fulfilled employee is one of the best, and most influential, assets a company can have. Programs such as the Top Fleet Employers program not only create a positive image of the transportation industry, but enact real, visible change within workplaces.