Jan 16 2019

· 2 min

Erb Transport has emphasized and prioritized a healthy workplace for many years, especially since we created the Highway to Health program in 2009. Highway to Health promotes a healthy mind, body, and a strong work/life balance. A few times per year, we are invited to participate in health challenges organized by Healthy Trucker (a health & wellness solution designed specifically for the trucking industry), to compete against other trucking companies.

In conjunction with the Healthy Trucker program, we are participating in the 10 Pound Challenge. This challenge targets anyone who wants to lose 10 pounds in two months, and runs from January 1 until February 23. There are five participating transportation companies, which encourages healthy and friendly competition. This challenge is important because it holds participants accountable and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Rather than attempting fad diets, participants are shown how to make a lifestyle change and develop long lasting and healthy habits.  Our employees have lost a combined weight of 58.8 pounds in just three weeks!

In order to participate in the challenge, you are required to complete a weekly check-in. Here, you input your starting and current weight, your successes, weaknesses, and expectations for the challenge. You are also sent additional healthy recipes and articles with health and wellness tips. These check-ins encourage not only a physical loss of 10 pounds, but for you to create personal goals for yourself. This challenge recognizes the individual journey, and fosters self-competition; you ultimately compete against yourself.

As a trucking company, we understand that sitting for your entire work day can hinder your activity level. It is so easy to slip into a routine of a day without exercise. The Center for Disease Control creates a national health report each year, and recommends that you walk roughly 10,000 steps per day, yet research shows that most adults only take roughly 5,000 steps per day. That statistic is exactly why these challenges are important: knowledge is power. You need to know about these issues in order to fix them, and that’s exactly what Highway to Health does.

Erb Transport creates an environment that promotes healthy living, and a healthy work/life balance. We are grateful to participate in Highway to Health, and are excited for many more years of challenges!