Healthy Eating for the Long Haul

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your long hauls? With over a million truck drivers across Canada, this is often the case for many truckers. Healthy eating can be challenging for anyone at any time of the year; however, for truck drivers, the lifestyle that comes with the job can make sourcing or cooking healthy foods even tougher. For example, according to the Canadian Community Health Survey of Truck Drivers, 70 percent of truck drivers already eat less than the suggested five servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

With busy schedules, and limited food options at the truck stops, eating healthy on the go may seem challenging but it’s not impossible! When you choose better health, you improve yourself and your overall quality of life. What drivers put into their bodies and how they treat them are equally as important as what goes into their trucks. Take the turn toward a healthier lifestyle and use these healthy eating ideas as fuel to get you through the long haul.

Simple Grocery Go-To’s for Truckers

According to Canada’s Food Guide, vegetables and fruits are essential to a healthy eating pattern, longer life and lower heart disease risk. Washed and prepacked produce is popular in most grocery stores. It is ideal for truckers with minimal to zero refrigerator space, as some can be stored at room temperature for longer periods. Additionally, cutting out fast foods and implementing more dairy, protein and fats from other sources can help avoid unwanted fatigue from unhealthy foods while still being easily accessible and easy to store in your truck. Some ready-to-eat snack ideas you can make or find at your grocery stores salad bar or deli include: 

Food Storage  

Healthy eating is easier when it is well organized; in fact, preparing foods that are ready to eat increases your likelihood of snacking on them. While long haul trucks and trailers look big from the outside, there is minimal space for storage on the inside which requires innovative preparation and storage techniques for your snacks. Before you prepare for a big trip, packing ready for anything essentials will help deal with more wholesome foods. Items such as a mini fridge organizer with extra pockets for non-refrigerated foods will be helpful to have fully stocked with cutlery and snacks and will curb your curiosity for other fast foods in a pinch. Additionally, to make the most out of your fridge space, bento boxes, silicone bags and or compact /stackable containers or bins are beneficial. Such food storage containers will also extend the life of most of your meals, preventing food waste and saving you more money in the long run.

Convenience is Key

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated. For truckers, convenience is always key. Planning your routes and developing a routine before you head out on the road is an easy way to keep healthy eating convenient for drivers. Additionally, giving yourself ease is the best way to maintain a habit and conquer change; if you need to eat out one day, it's okay.

The Erb Group actively encourages healthy lifestyles and habits for the well-being of our employees both inside and outside the office by offering promotions and programs to connect with like-minded people to stay motivated. We recognize that creating a comfortable work environment where our employees can practice healthy habits is necessary to excel personally and professionally.

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