Cool Moves Start with Collaboration | Nnenna Muo, Customer Solutions Specialist

Embarking on your next business venture or entering a new stage of operations marks a pivotal moment for your business. It can create a mix of both excitement and tension, as there are many possibilities and challenges that come with the next stage of growth. In an economy where trends can fade within a moment, and supply chain demands fluctuate, it is vital to keep up with the pace but also to anticipate and address the upcoming speedbumps that may face your business. By finding a carrier that can grow with the various phases of your business and the cold chain expertise to cater to your needs, you can ensure streamlined solutions for your shipping requirements and an elevated experience for your end customers. At The Erb Group, our approach goes beyond mere logistics by putting collaboration at the core of our relationships with our clients.

Connecting With Clients 

Nnenna Muo, our Customer Solutions Specialist, has been with The Erb Group for over a year. Nnenna engages in one-on-one conversations with clients every day to discuss their distribution challenges and offer flexible solutions that meet their current and future needs.  As a Customer Solutions Specialist, Nnenna says, "No day is the same," which is something she appreciates about her position. However, "every day requires a lot of brain work, creativity and collaboration." Nnenna works with businesses of all sizes, striving to build strong relationships by collaborating with her clients to pinpoint a specific challenge. Through understanding business concerns on a deeper level, she can serve them more effectively and strategically consider the roster of cold chain solutions The Erb Group offers to mould our services to fit our client's needs. Having an in-depth conversation plays a significant role in ensuring that we can efficiently solve the challenges faced by our clients. Clients often approach us with a specific problem, and our goal is to identify the challenge and tailor a regime that truly works for them. "The process of asking questions is valuable because clients may not realize they are missing an opportunity for excellence," said Nnenna.

One-Stop-Shop Solutions

Since 1959, The Erb Group has been at the forefront of the cold chain logistics industry by offering a one-stop-shop range of services and a refreshingly "cool" approach to collaboration. Our flexibility is a quality that stands out to businesses of all sizes. Part of a Customer Solutions Specialist's role is to actively listen and articulate what a client is asking for. St. Brigid's Creamery is a company that specializes in the production of premium grass-fed Jersey butter. While beginning to consider new avenues for their business, they found it difficult to find a transportation company that would offer all the specific solutions they required in one place. Nnenna began to collaborate with their operations team to find a solution that would work for them. It required details and discussion from both parties; however, in the end, Nnenna provided them with a wealth of information, including quotes and the different capabilities of our equipment and facilities to ensure they were confident in their next steps down a new path for their business. Nnenna understood exactly what St. Brigid's required and provided the expertise for them to be able to integrate a mixture of our in-house services from Cold Storage to Erb Expedite and LTL delivery services. St. Brigid's was ecstatic to have found a solution to streamline their business needs and to have Nnenna, who was just as enthusiastic about solving the problem as they were.
"Nnenna has been a joy to work with," said Guillermo Anderson, Chief Operating Officer at St. Brigid's, "She has been incredibly patient, clear, and timely in her communications and support. Thank you, Nnenna, for helping us thus far."

Make Cool Moves with Confidence

The Erb Group is a family-owned business and implements those values beyond everyday interactions. Working with clients is about more than just transporting products from one point to another. We want to understand where your business is coming from and where it's going. We are here to grow with you and help your business thrive at every stage of its development. Being open to exploring and having a larger conversation about your cold chain challenge is vital to making a "cool move" confidently with The Erb Group. "At the end of the day, a solution that you thought could never work could actually work; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We make our services work for you," said Nnenna. Nnenna is known for her exceptional patience and friendliness towards her clients. In addition, she shared a personal anecdote about her experience working with clients at The Erb Group, stating that "continuous collaboration for continuous solutions" is what she thinks makes her clients happy. The satisfaction of a client and the feeling of overcoming a logistical challenge together keeps Nnenna motivated to make cool moves every day for her clients across Canada and the U.S.  Do you want to collaborate on shipping something cool? Elevate your temperature-sensitive shipping experience and reach out to today, or request a quote through our website to get your fresh and frozen cargo on the road today!  
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