The Erb Group goes the extra mile for Stratford 5K

Stratford, ON, October 3, 2023 – The Erb Group, a distinguished leader in the trucking industry, is thrilled to announce the resounding success of its participation in the recent Stratford 5K Charity Run/Walk. Since the charity run began in 2022, The Erb Group has been recognized as a presenting sponsor for the race each year and has since contributed a total of $10,000 to the event, supporting a local not-for-profit organization, The Local Community Food Centre. The Stratford 5K Charity Run/Walk, held on October 1, 2023, was a remarkable event that brought together businesses, Stratford community members and individuals from around the Waterloo Region, all united by one common goal – giving back. The Erb Groups' Chief of operations, Greg Tuckwell, and Senior Director of HR, Alyssa Couvillion, created a team of employees and took to the start line while other colleagues helped at the race by volunteering to keep runners cool and replenished by giving out water refreshments halfway through the race. "Every year, we are delighted to see the wheel turn closer toward driving change for individuals in the Stratford neighbourhood and beyond," said our Chief of Operations, Greg Tuckwell. The Erb Group is known for its promise to deliver with excellence and go above and beyond for the communities it serves. "Not only do we go the extra mile for the neighbourhoods we serve by truck, but also by foot. Seeing how goodwill in our community can spread and inspire us all to make a positive impact is truly heartwarming. We are already looking forward to next year," said Briona Lahti, the Public Relations Coordinator at The Erb Group. This year, the charity run raised $20,000 and brought in over 300 participants. Additionally, 62% of participants were from outside the community, amplifying the reach and funds extended to support The Local Community Food Centre, whose mission is to empower those experiencing barriers to accessing and benefiting from good, healthy food. After its second year of being in motion, the event brought in more donations through word of mouth than through race registrations. The biggest impact was felt from the participant's fundraising or donating, which increased 201% compared to 2022. Additionally, one participant raised $ 2,000 for the event alone. The Local CFC Board Member and Race Director Dan Rajagopalan said, "Seeing community members come together for a good cause at this level is an overwhelming and rewarding experience. It is very encouraging for the work we do and the individuals we support at The Local. It's the local community + the running community coming together for a great cause." Learn more about getting involved in the Stratford 5K Run/Walk here, or donate to The Local Community Food Center to make a difference now.
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