Mar 4 2021

· 2 min

Since 1995, on the first Friday of March, we celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day. Each year we honour and recognize the hard work of our employees. I think we can all agree that 2020 was an exceptional year and that appreciation for the work contributed by our employees is especially meaningful.

Erb employees and those in the trucking industry have been identified as essential workers. What does it mean to Erb employees to be deemed essential during a pandemic? It means we stayed open and busy when most of the country was being kept safe at home. But we all recognized the importance of the essential goods we transported; our contribution is necessary for survival; we bring food to your family’s table. Our employees made many sacrifices and are still making sacrifices to ensure our communities have what they need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

We would like to thank our drivers and highlight some of their extraordinary sacrifices. At the beginning very little information was known about COVID-19 and what proper measures were necessary to stay safe. Many of our drivers chose to sleep in separate rooms from their spouses and keep a physical distance for their household. Entering restrooms and purchasing meals on the road became increasingly challenging and they spent more time than ever alone isolated in their trucks. The comradery and companionship of other drivers away from home became more difficult to experience.

Our employees in the office, shop and dock have also experienced challenges. Added protocols and heightened anxiety and stress is something a lot have experienced. Many have had to adjust their schedules and working conditions in order to adhere to safety protocols. Some positions have also become more difficult wearing protective gear to keep their co-workers safe.  Dave Dietrich, Erb’s V.P. of People and Culture commended the entire team for their dedication and perseverance in this ever-changing environment; “I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of our excellent team members. At Erb Transport, we have the greatest team of trucking professionals. You are all truly heroes, providing front-line, essential service throughout North America. Thank you for “bringing food to our families’ tables!”

As an essential service, we have faced many challenges and have needed to act quickly to keep everyone safe — the supply chain can not stop. We need to keep our grocery stores stocked and keep the economy moving. We are so proud of the work our employees have accomplished and the contribution they have made during this global crisis. We could not have kept our operations going and our trucks moving without each and every single employee’s efforts. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication, your contribution during this time of national need will never be forgotten. Please leave a comment or kind words we can share with our employees!