It’s Time For Our Spring Job Fairs!


Mar 20 2018

· 2 min
It’s Time For Our Spring Job Fairs!

It’s March 20, everyone! We don’t know about you, but the months of March and April always puts a little spring in our step. It’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf! Seriously, a new season brings new challenges and new opportunities. Winter ending is snow joke, people.


Here at Erb, we’re springing into our job fairs! Over the years, we’ve found that job fairs are a great way to connect with potential employees. We understand that most people today execute their job hunts online, which is why we design our job fairs to stand out. We ensure that those who attend our job fairs receive worthwhile information and connections that you just can’t get online! It’s a mutually beneficial and unique opportunity for both the employer and employee. Unsure if you’re going to attend? Here are just a few reasons why job fairs are so effective.


  • Learn about opportunities you wouldn’t have looked at. After scrolling through the same job searching website three days in a row, you start to overlook some potentially great opportunities. If your key words don’t match, or if you just don’t think you’d be a fit for the position, you can miss out! Job fairs are a great way to explore a new opportunity and hear about positions you never would have applied for. Hearing about positions face-to-face can give you information and details that you just can’t get online!
  • Network and make contacts. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 100 times: it’s all about networking. Making connections can go a long way, and job fairs are a great place to start! Submitting your resume and cover letter online doesn’t make you real world connections. Sometimes, you can’t demonstrate your best qualities on a piece of paper! Even if the job doesn’t work out, you still have those connections to leverage in the future.
  • Build your confidence. Typing a message online is easy, but talking and networking with people you just met can be intimidating! Build confidence in yourself by coming to our job fairs and networking with people you’ve never met. Once you make a meaningful connection and put yourself out there, it’s like riding a bike; you never forget how! Make that strong, memorable first impression and it will increase the likelihood of a call back.


Our spring job fairs will be held at our Trenton location on April 7, our Montreal location on April 14, and our Baden location on April 28! We will additionally be attending the Mega Job Tair in Brampton this Saturday, March 24 and Truckworld in Toronto from April 19-21! Come on out and see what you’ve been missing. Happy Spring, everyone!