Reefer Trailer Turned Home!


Jul 21 2017

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Reefer Trailer Turned Home!

As many of you know, one of our very own Erb employees, Kevin Becker, recently took one of Erb’s reefer trailers and transformed it into his own personalized trailer! In June, we wrote an article on Kevin’s project and received so much positive feedback, and so many questions for Kevin, that we’ve decided to create a part two for this story. I spoke with Kevin recently about his new off-the-grid home, and he was happy to answer all our questions!

Q: Does it have a bathroom?
A: Yes! The water from the lake fills up the tank and the toilet, along with another tank underground. The system works perfectly!

Q: Do you use solar panels?
A: Yes, and batteries. Everything is 12 volt L.E.D. lighting with solar panels to charge the batteries. The only exception is the fridge which runs on propane. The entire trailer is completely off the grid!

Q: What do you do for lighting?
A: 12 volt L.E.D. lighting is very bright and hardly uses any power, so that has been the go-to.

Q: Did you run into any major issues?
A: No! It was a pretty smooth project. The most important thing was to utilize our resources to keep costs down and ensure we didn’t run into any substantial issues. My brother in law is a contractor, so that proved to be very useful.

If you want to check out “Part One” of this story, you can find it under the News tab on our website! We are so impressed to see such innovative and unique ideas from our very own Erb employees. Well done Kevin!