On the Road to Sustainability: Navigating an Eco-Friendly Cold Chain

May 21 2024

· 3 min
On the Road to Sustainability: Navigating an Eco-Friendly Cold Chain

Importance of Sustainability 

As our world rapidly changes and evolves, sustainability has become a vital factor that businesses, employees, and customers consider. By prioritizing sustainability in our day-to-day interactions, we can create a positive impact on the environment, the people, and the economy that it supports long-term.

What is sustainability? In the simplest terms, sustainability means to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The trucking industry heavily relies on moving motor vehicles to transport goods from one destination to another. As concerns about climate crisis grow, there is an increased need for our industry to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce its carbon footprint. Amidst the transitioning of fleets and infrastructure, where else can we initiate action?

At The Erb Group, we are committed to doing essential work with an environmentally friendly approach. Over the years, we have taken various measures to ensure that our business practices align with our commitment to sustainability. From our facilities to the highways and within our communities, we stand dedicated to being a positive force in an essential industry.

Our Efforts 

Since 2013, The Erb Group has been actively collaborating with businesses, like Arcadian Projects, that share our vision of a greener future. By implementing small yet effective changes (energy-efficient projects such as lighting upgrades, installing solar rooftops, and energy management systems) in our locations across North America, we have been able to make a significant impact toward our goals of being a sustainable business with foresight for today’s business and tomorrow’s future.

Since working with Arcadian, our company has achieved significant CO2 savings. Specifically, our lighting upgrade project at the Baden Shop in May 2014 resulted in an annual savings of 891,756 kilowatt-hours (KWH) of energy and a reduction of 133.76 metric tons of carbon emissions. Similarly, our Energy Management project at Baden in May 2021 annually saves 984,000 kilowatt-hours (KWH) and reduced 147.60 metric tons of carbon emissions. These projects showcase our ability to implement effective solutions that drive operational efficiency while positively impacting the planet. Through all our projects, we’re collectively saving a total of 479.18 tons in CO2 emissions. To put this into perspective, that’s equivalent to the electricity required to power 320 homes for an entire year!

We look forward to enhancing our sustainability efforts across all operations in the future.

Living by our Values 

Our team, clients, and communities inspire our passion for sustainable growth across our locations. Many of our team members lead by example in sustainability, exploring energy-efficient solutions in their personal lives and bringing a shared commitment to growth and education company-wide.

“Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a way of life,” said Tim Rabak, our Chief Operater. “In my role, I prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, especially regarding the safe and reliable operation of our ammonia refrigeration systems in Baden. Through initiatives like Save On Energy programs, we’ve reduced consumption, but I’m always seeking more ways to save. For me, sustainability is about making smart, long-term decisions that will benefit both the environment and The Erb Group for the long run.”

Through Tim’s diligent efforts, we’ve not only reduced our energy consumption but also set a precedent for responsible resource management within our organization while cultivating a network of collaboration, responsibility, and innovation among our team.

Outlook for the future 

Our dedication to sustainability extends over the road (OTR). Recognizing the power of proactive steps to protect and preserve our planet, we recently renewed our Smart Way certification through the EPA for the ninth year. This reaffirms our commitment to reducing emissions and minimizing our environmental impact. By partnering with SmartWay, we continue to implement best practices and innovative solutions to optimize our operations and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Amidst our ongoing efforts to combat the climate crisis and advance sustainability in trucking, we eagerly anticipate what’s to come in our sustainability journey.

We believe it is our responsibility to consider the impact of our actions on the planet and the generations to come, and we are committed to doing our part to create a more sustainable future for all.