Make the Transition to a Night Driving Position


Nov 8 2022

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Make the Transition to a Night Driving Position

Most truck drivers put in hours of night-time driving at some point throughout their careers, whether at the end of their day shift or early in the morning; however, it takes a specific type of individual to be responsible for driving and delivering throughout the night. Although it is a tough job, trucking under the streetlights and low-traffic roads gives you the upper hand on a less stressful ride.

A Day in the Life of a Night Driver

Night driving with The Erb Group has many benefits, like less traffic, more terminal-to-terminal runs, and the opportunity to be home daily (depending on your position type). “A typical day in a local night driving position could be a mix of pick-ups and deliveries or terminal-to-terminal freight moves,” says Scott Misener, our Baden Driver Services Manager. Another perk of night driving is that the night shift typically begins at a specific start time, unlike the day shift, which can vary from day to day. 

In contrast, daytime drivers are more likely to drive a straight truck and deliver loads requiring hand-bombing. The night shift doesn’t require as much lifting and moving, which could make this shift ideal for some. Additionally, working the night shift can make booking time off for personal appointments or caregiving easier, with time flexibility during the day.

When it comes to the position’s challenges, the biggest obstacle as a night driver is managing your sleep schedule. It’s harder to sleep during the day because the likelihood of distractions is higher and increases the potential of you coming into work tired. There are many ways to help improve your sleep quality; you just need to be aware and set yourself up with the right tools.

The Ideal Candidate

Our Corporate Driver Recruiter, Krystal Satchell, explained, “With a night driving position, you either love it or you don’t.” According to Krystal, adapting to a night shift is much easier if you have previously worked swing shifts or nights in the past. In addition, driving at night requires more independence and critical problem-solving skills. Have your friends ever called you a night owl? An introverted personality and the preference to be more active at night will also set you up for success.

Ultimately, making the switch to night shifts relies on you and your preferences as a driver. We have many different shift types and accommodations for individuals to suit their lifestyles , needs and preferences. If we have a driver struggling with a lack of sleep, we take this very seriously. Driving while sleep deprived is equivalent to driving impaired. We suggest sleeping tools and techniques to drivers when needed. 

A strong and communicative relationship with our Driver Services team will also help you succeed! Scott shares these tips for anyone thinking of making the transition into a night driving position.

  • Keep your shift routine over the weekends. Don’t flip to days on the weekend to keep the consistency of sleep.
  • Ensure you are getting your sleep. Sleep deprivation is equivalent to being impaired. Manage your time and take breaks when needed.

Interested in driving for The Erb Group? Check out our updated job postings here. Please note that we request one year of driving experience; however, once you have reached the 11–12-month mark, we encourage you to contact our recruiting team to start learning about the application process. Email us at when you are ready to make some cool moves!

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