Nov 21 2018

· 2 min

A shift as a truck driver often necessitates most, if not all, of your undivided attention. The only time your focus isn’t solely on the road is during deliveries and other small intervals of time out of the truck. One great way to take advantage of time off of the road is by prioritizing some physical activity and exercise. Studies show that physical activity has been proven to improve your mood.

Trucking HR Canada has released a few of the best stretches to do specifically for truck drivers, and even office workers, as both of these occupations require sitting at a 90 degree angle with your arms in front of you. Remember; stretch until you feel a pull, not until it hurts. You should feel comfortable the entire time. Whether you’re in the truck or at the office, try these stretches to relieve physical tension and mental stress. REMEMBER: only do what is comfortable for your body, everyone is different!

  • Touch your chin to your chest and stretch the back of your neck. Do this for 30 seconds or until you feel a stretch
  • Touch your right ear to your right shoulder, and then repeat with the left ear. Complete each side three times. Stretch your neck as you do this.
  • Stretch your arms directly in front of you, interlock your fingers, face your palms away from your body and stretch your arms out. Separate your shoulder blades while you do this to stretch your shoulders.
  • Bend over at a 90 degree angle and let your arms hang down loosely to stretch your back.
  • Stand up straight, grab your ankle and lift it so it touches your backside. If you can’t go the entire way, no problem! Any stretch is a good stretch.
  • Start by doing a normal lunge, and thrust your hips forward. You should feel a significant stretch in your lower back.
  • Stand up straight and put one heel in front of you (this leg should be straight). Your stationary leg should be bent, and the heel in front of you should be stretching your hamstring.

Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, and you will quickly reap the benefits. Try these stretches next time you’re on the road, and make sure you do what works for you. Modifying the stretch or exercise will only make it more effective!